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So I wrote a review for WFG here: It includes screenshots of a very hostile conversation between a current WFG employee named Sophia Xu when I declined to be a part of her team. I forwarded the same screenshots to her "mentor" Eric Jemielita and he replies with, "You're assuming your point matters." and then blocks me. What kind of business is this? Is this how we are to be treated when a concern a VALID concern is raised? Absolutely disgusting.

I also sent a message directly to WFG - "Here is an excerpt from the amazing conversation: " Nobody enjoys disrespecting other people, however I have no respect for individuals that make assumptions prior to being fully informed. -- We live in America, the land of opportunities, yet people are afraid to work hard. They rather be complacent, stay at a job, and work for the boss to get rich." - is this how your company trains their employees? To completely jumble the hard working class of America together and label us as complacent & afraid? It's ironic too that the statement: "Nobody enjoys disrespecting other people, however I have no respect for individuals that make assumptions prior to being fully informed." I assume your company would agree that the employee's statement about working class American's is in fact based off of her own assumption due to being fully informed am I correct?"

I have not received any feedback yet

I didn't like: Bad scammer, Cult-like mentality, Not family friendly.

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I remember when I was in wfg in the Pomona office LMAO! Sophia and randy


No worries. The response from 'Eric' is a statement about him and his of> professionalism and does not reflect negatively on you.


These people you are talking about are just a few of the 40,000+ independent agent of WFG. if you have problem with any agent or office, find another one.


hi Vivian, unfortunately there are so many agents that are a part of WFG and each person doesn't represent the company as a whole. When the company gets that big, you will meet people and I hope you don't judge the company based on a few agents you meet.

I have been with WFG now for a year and I actually pushed my husband to go full time and I will be going full time myself this month. Maybe the agents you met still have a hard time hearing no's. It's definitely not an easy business but I have met so many great mentors in this organization. I'm really sorry that you have encountered some bad apples but I'm happy to say our mentor who has the same last name as you (John Pham) is awesome!

This upcoming convention in August will be the first time I will be attending. I am really excited and happy to check out an opportunity that has a great system/platform for my husband and I to build a business. I currently have my own marketing company for 9 years and is stuck the quadrant of Self-Employed (not sure if you have read Poor Dad/Rich Dad), anyway, this is another opportunity for me to be able to make extra income to support my family.

If you are ever in OC and would give it another chance, we would love to meet you. Best of luck to you!


Yes, they do. Take a look at the head of Axianta Financial Partners, John Shin, and the posts that he makes on Twitter.

This semi-arrogance is encouraged.

The company is all about playing mind games, selling dreams, and making it seem like their products will answer all of your financial woes. Read Robert Greene's _Art of Seduction_ if you want to learn some of the tricks that these guys play.


Hi Vivian. My name is Matin Eliaszadeh.

I am currently affiliated with World Financial Group. I apologize for any of your past less-than-civil conversations with WFG associates on behalf of the firm as a whole.

I would be very interested in having a rational conversation with you sometime. Thank you.


This organization want your money. when they don't get it, they become hostile.

It is a big drama and charade. But they do get people sucked in.

to Anonymous #1021575

you are really full of it

to Anonymous #1137793

Yes..many WFG agents are sneaky!!! They sell their life insurance products with cash value with so much promises leaving one very important aspect..not explaining to you that your COI or cost of insurance goes up every year.

And if you review your policy if you buy will find out that your cash value becomes zero before you turn 70 when you bought a permanent policy.

So why does it become zero?? They will not explain it!

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