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Last year I met a guy at a business mixer who chatted with me for a minute or two and then immediately asked me if i was looking for work and wanted to come to an interview with his company tomorrow. I'm a young kid fresh out of college, so right away I was interested. It struck me as totally bizarre that his company would hold an interview on a Saturday. What kind of company makes their employees work the weekends? A little red flag flew up in my head, but i ignored it. I was desperate for more work. I mean, who isn't these days?

So I wake up early on a Saturday and get all dressed up for this big new interview I thought i was about to have. I printed up my resume, practiced talking in front of the mirror, all the good stuff to prepare myself for this big new "opportunity" I thought was coming.

I drive all the way over to the "office" and a guy in a really nice suit meets me in the lobby of the building. "Are you here for the Investment Advisers International meeting?" He asked me. I confirmed, and then he looks past me in a straining way and then says "Oh. You didn't bring anybody with you?" and I could see the disappointment in his face. Why would a "financial investment" company want (much less actually expect) me to bring somebody else along to my job interview? Red flag #2

While i ponder this question, he shoves a clipboard in front of my face and asks me to write down my name, phone number, email, and then says "If you know the contact information of anybody else who might be interested in financial investments go ahead and write their information down too." Um, excuse me? First of all, i'm not sure it's even legal for me to give you the contact information of somebody else who is not me. Second of all, what kind of company is looking to hire just anybody off the street? What company is this desperate to hire people, that they are willing to just call any warm blooded person they can get their hands on and bring them in for an "interview?" Red flag #3.

I take the elevator up with this guy, and we walk into the "office." It's totally barren. No desks, no chairs, no computers, no paintings or pictures on the walls, no tables. Nothing except for a few fold-up plastic chairs in a room off to the side that also has a projector. The office lacked any of the tell-tale signs that it was a real office that people worked in. "Wow, looks like you guys just moved in, huh?" I commented. He avoided the question and quickly began introducing me to his "colleagues." Red flag #4.

They ask me about my background, i tell them about graduating college and my dreams of one day working for a US Embassy abroad. They seem impressed by this, and then quickly re-assure me that IAI can help me reach that goal. I stop the conversation as I start to process this. If they are a financial company, aren't they going to want to hire people who have like, EXPERIENCE in the finance industry? People who have studied the stock market? My degree and education have nothing to do with business, finance, or the stock market, and yet this doesn't seem to bother them AT ALL. If I were running a finance company, i'd want to hire people who actually knew something about the industry. They didn't even ask to look at my resume. It was almost like the less I knew about their company and finance, the more excited they became and the more they began to treat me like I was the perfect guy for them. Red Flag #5.

They then brought me into the room with the fold up chairs and projector, and they had me take a seat. I took a look around, and I was the only one who showed up to this "interview." They all seemed very dismayed by this. Red Flag #6.

The presentation on the company and how it works begins, and I start taking notes. The guy sitting next to me looks intensely interested, and he is taking notes as well. Why would somebody who works at this place, need to take notes on how the company works? Red flag #7.

The presentation finally gets to the part where it explains that I have three ways of making money with IAI/WFG/Transmerica...whatever the *** you want to call this ***... and the third way is listed as "finding new associates." Wait, what? A finance company that makes money by...hiring new people? That's a *** pyramid scheme. How can a company make money by bringing in new employees? Hiring and training new employees is an EXPENSE for a company, not a source of income. Anybody who has taken economics 101 could tell you that. Red flag #8.

At this point i'm getting angry. How dumb do they think I am? I'm almost embarrassed and mad at myself for being suckered into this "interview." I'm about ready to leave, and the guy who I met at the business mixer the day before comes up to me and hands me a form to fill out. He is super pushy about getting me to come in for another meeting. I tell him "I'll think about it." I look him in the eyes, and I can't help but feel bad for him. I literally feel bad that he has been suckered into this thing. I wonder how much money he has lost to this "company."

He tries to introduce me to more people, but I have to visibly fake my interest in meeting them. He walks me into an office to meet his "boss." He tells me that IAI doesn't hire people, they give people the "opportunity" to become "associates." So, if he is just an "associate" of the company, then why does he refer to her as his boss? Isn't he technically a free-lance agent or whatever? How can he have a boss if he's just a franchisee? At this point i'm not even counting the red flags anymore.

His "boss" is in an empty room devoid of any desk, chair, or computer. Her husband is with her, and they are both wearing t-shirts and jeans. They have an 8 month old baby laying in a carrier in the middle of the room. She tries to act enthusiastic about getting to meet me, but I can see the strain in her face and the fatigue in her eyes. I start to wonder how much debt she has, and how much she must be kicking herself for becoming trapped in this pyramid scheme.

Before I leave, the guy stops me and says "Now look, if you go on the internet and look us up, you're going to read a lot of bad stuff about us. None of it is true. After all, people say bad things about GOD all the time on the internet." He emphasis the last part about god, and the room grows quiet as he stares me in the eyes for dramatic effect. At this point i'm pretty pissed off. I don't say anything and I only narrow my eyes at him.

I walked out and threw the packet they gave me (which was poorly stapled together) right in the trash where it belonged. Don't EVER get involved with this "company."

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1279163

How long are your "family and friends" you are pitching to going to stay your family and friends support system when they only hear from you when you want to guilt trip you into buying from you or talk you into becoming "associates?" It's amazing how often extended family suddenly contact their family members they haven't spoken to in years just to give you a MLM sales pitch, or "invite" you to become an associate. Life insurance is a good thing but hounding everyone you've ever met to sell it to you so they can make money on you isn't a good thing.


hahaha I'm crying laughing. Same story so many times over.

30 thousand morons go to their conferences in Vegas.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall there. If nothing else, WFG makes me feel really smart.


1 WEEK OF TRAINING and an exam that can be passed online with all the answers at your fingertips...and of course a few seminars to make all the recruits-agents dream about the millions they all are going to make.

Working hard or not having the right agent isn't the problem,the training isn't sufficient to have any of them qualified to give any advice..2 year college course and a federally mandated exam that's supervised.Oh and can speak English is helpful to explain things to the clients(mostly family and friends).Want to bet that 60,000 agents wouldn't be the number that Wfg would bragg about?

As it is,it's a Ponzi that needs the most people coming in to feed the top of the pyramid! NO EDUCATION,NO PROBLEM!


I'm in my third month with WFG and have learned more in this time about money than in my entire life, and what's more, I can save all my friends and family from taxes that are becoming outrageous. I am now a business owner, licensed and making great money by HELPING families protect themselves and their futures.

I am surrounded by millionaire mentors and coaches and receiving unlimited training...have had my character shaped and my attitude adjusted. It's ALL good!!

to Anonymous #1095643

If you were HELPING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS protect themselves you wouldn't be making 1$.You are using your sales pitch and PROFITING on the backs of those you LOVE!

to Anonymous College Park, Maryland, United States #1196217

This business is for those who are passionate about helping others. If you have a client with a life insurance policy and have had to deliver a death claim, you would see this company so differently. This company really comes through for families and individuals.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1196304

Sorry Peanut. You're dead WRONG.

Been there and done that, and learned that WFG is absolutely terrible for everyone except Corporate and a handful of folks at the tippy-top of the pyramid.

The company’s “top” product, Transamerica’s FFIUL, is the worst life insurance policy anyone can buy. You should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this abusive and exploitative company and selling such a horrible product.

to Anonymous #1105100




Think about it...99% making 2k a year or 167$ a month.LOL..

This are official WFG numbers folks..fudge those for us please...and don't try to tell us your working hard..you have 52 hours of training and an exam..it's a joke.no training,using them for there soft market(friends and family)for business to sell there insurance.



to not enough dow to go around Chandler, Arizona, United States #1218825

Scarcity mentality person. You cant even think right

you are a 95 percenter... 9-5 job fits you.

to Anonymous #1219242

Let me guess..you just sold a nice FFIUL to mommy so you can scxx her from her OAS right? I've noticed you didn't debunk the numbers but i'm not surprised..Let me guess you made 2 million in commission in the last 3 months right..lol

to Anonymous #1336301

Is that how well they trained you? So you reply with negative remarks?

You should have told him that having a license already places you at the top; allowing you to help others and their families make a lot of money. There is no worse negativity than what you are portraying right now.

I can't stand negative people that put others down. can you be any more positive please?!

to Anonymous #1511352

You're buying into the same nonsense they sold you on.

Sacramento, California, United States #970741

The reason why people say that WFG is a scam and a horrible business, or any business for that matter, is because it didn't work for them. Why didn't it work for them?

Because they didn't try! They might say " oh I went to meetings and I went into the field and I did training every once in awhile." If You want a business to work, you have to work! You can put in 40 hours a week for a job but you're not willing to spend that much time in your business. That's your problem.

Your work ethic. WFG is. Legit business working with some of the highest ranked financial institutions in the country. They are not a scam.

They will not steal your money. They will help your family and save your future. Everyone who comments bad about WFG either didn't work hard enough or had a trainer who didn't train them properly. If you're willing to take other people's word for something that could save your future then by all means, go for it.

Don't say they didn't try to help though. If you're interested in creating a solid financial foundation for your future, then you have entered in the right business.

to Anonymous #1511355

What's your net worth today? Show us what you have done and how well you are doing financially before you try to teach others how to do it. You probably don't have 2 nickels to rub together.

Oakville, Ontario, Canada #963572

So why do we have sponsorships with national curling teams with our logos printed on them....or Canadian national soccer teams. I'm sure both of these award winning trophy winning Olympic playing teams proudly wear the names of a scam company.

SigH. Ignorance at its finest.

to Anonymous #1511356

They want your sponsorship money, you idiot.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I received a call from them today.

I will be avoiding them at all costs. A number of reports by high-level news agencies have been done revealing scams just like the one you described - identical to a "T". The room descriptions and dialogue were exactly what was depicted in those reports.

Thanks again for sharing your experience. You've saved countless people, including myself, the time and, more importantly, the money and shame of being scammed.

Good on you for seeing right through their BS!

to Anonymous #1006385

Saved what money? It costs you absolutely nothing to listen to financial planning and it costs you absolutely nothing to invest money with WFG. You have to ask yourself, why would the largest investment firms and banks in the world be involved, or trying their hardest to get involved, with a scam?

to Anonymous #1117361

i have been in wig for quite some time the reason we prospect people with non financial background is because we give everyone a chance to have your business you do have to pass a background check and also get licensed this company is not a scam believe me it looks like one i thought it was too but we just do things differently and guess what it works your loss for listening to what seems like an ignorants experience your loss honey their is no other company like this and i will say i am grateful and proud to be a part of it i am now a business owner i help build and protect the wealth of families i love what i do and the unlimited earning potential is great and the ability to grow you legacy for your future generations is amazing

WFG woooosh boom

to Anonymous #1117880

POUAHHHAHAHA!!! you are part of (WIG)...so you sell WIGS as part of your financial portfolio...Well I trust you 100% with my financial needs.You want to give everybody a chance yes..how about paying for their education(2 years)college or university so they have the knowledge to give financial advice and not just sell anything that gives commissions?!

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