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My experience with WFG was not pleasant at all. I remain friends with the person who "recruited" me because we were friends before this whole situation.

They are currently still with the company and very blind as to what's really going on. When i had my "interview" I was basically lied to. They kept repeating that I will be my own boss and did not have to follow a schedule and they would work around my time considering I have a full time job. This was not the case at all let me tell you, they will text and call you non stop so you can make it to the "BPM's" which is a bunch of ***!

It's just a cocky guy giving motivational speeches about how rich he is and how *** other people are by not joining WFG. They go and on and on about how a great opportunity this is, "training" about the same subject almost every BPM. Sometimes you even have to pay to attend these *** trainings. You have a "SMD" or "Green Jacket" which is supposed to be your mentor.

The SMD I had was a total ***, excuse my french. She plays favorites all the time, aren't we supposed to be business people and not act like we are in high school? She will get on your back and bug you about setting up appointments with your friends and family so she can make that money. They sell you on all expenses paid business trips, being your own boss, six figure income and many more ***.

Sure their are people in the company making money but it's not you, people making money are the ones that are up in the company already and are the star players to scamming people.

Please don't fall for this you have to pay $100 to start, pay for your online hours, pay to take the test, pay for trainings, pay for conventions, pay for your own company t-shirts when you pass a milestone. I can go on and on but I'll stop here, it's just not worth it.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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jessse , "coachable" = brainwashable.

Folks, are you willing to ignore the flurry of red flags? To kick every last scrap of morals and ethics you possess to the curb?

To recruit your friends and family into this relationship-destroying MLM cult where you have much less opportunity to advance to big money than at your J.O.B.? To flog awful guaranteed-to-fail wealth-destroying products--esp WFG's flagship product Transamerica's FFIUL--to people that trust you and even love you?

If you feel you can do all these things, please think harder on your karma. What goes around comes around.


You such an uncoachable, negative and unmotivated person. Period

Barrie, Ontario, Canada #1281104

Try to do a good job rather than complaining

to Nav Mahal #1281530

Do you know another company that just in 2015 employed 197,000 new employees(official WFG numbers)...well i'll tell you what... you can't, and this is why WFG IS A MLM...THEY RECRUITED THAT AMOUNT OF PEOPLE IN 2015 ALONE!!

It's a pyramid and doing a good job so they can be like 99,5% of all WFG agents and recruits and make a whopping 2272$/year on average.....come on..it's pathetic! It's not about being a good seller..it's about getting money to the top of the pyramid!


Cher Monsieur ou Chere Madame,

Je m'apelles Michel, et je suis francophone base a Los Angeles. J'ai Lu votre article sur WFG, et j'en suis d'accord totalement.

Je viens de recruiter un SMD et son equip entier.

Je suis pas Transferamerica, ni Primerica. Au cas ou, veuillez m'apeller si vous voulez:

Michael Jin

626 986 9287



Sounds like you have very little idea about any product or service provided by WFG agents (who are basically independent agents). Next time, before you spend some time writing a post on internet, do some research.

If any of the financial products or service way over your head, then don't worry.

do what you normally do. It's not for everyone.

to Anonymous #1025962

Exactly it is not for everyone so I don't understand why they try to shove it down people's throats. If it's not for a certain person leave them alone, don't belittle them for not wanting to do the business.

I know about the products they offer and never once said anything bad about them. My problem is the type of people in the business. They just recently discovered one of the biggest teams that were part of the West LA office were committing fraud the whole time. This whole family fled back to the Philippines, what does this tell you?

How can you trust the company? I did my research which is what led me to my decision of not doing this.


Sounds like we had some pretty similar experiences.


Being your own boss requires you to pay for things up front, try buying a McDonald's franchise. WFG seems to have a filter in place, don't be mad cuz you got filtered out


Thanks for the review!!

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