Chicago, Illinois

My wife and I needed our taxes done. So we went the tax preparer.

The suite was a WFG office. We had our taxes complete. Because I wasn't working I was asked if I would come to a meeting. So I did.

I saw a video and a presentation about WFG and how they helped families. I was interested so I went to another meeting this one was a different type. Yes you can work at your own business,Make 30k or more a year.Part time. So I told my wife that I'm joining up.

Cost $100 for a background check. I was told that I will learn a lot from the meetings. To tell the truth every meeting was a presentation of how to recruit people to come to the meeting. Or how to have people sign up for the ULs.

You need 25 people to call about the meetings. Never about how to run your business. Than I was told if I go to the big meeting in Vegas hat I will understand the company and they will teach me what I needed to know. Basically it was 4 days of cramming the WFG lifestyle in your face.

Nothing about business training. Than the kicker WFG hepling 100,000 families in 100 days. Companay wide of course. Sign up and pledge that you will do it.

Than they gave you a phone number to text your pledge. I didn't do it. Came home from Vegas and told my wife about it. Day after meeting than more meetings.

My wife told me after one of the meetings that you are not the person I married. You changed. Get out of this NOW. So after just 2 months in to the company I quit.

I will tell you that it takes 80 contacts to maybe get 10 people to the meetings 1 person might join. There are people who made alot of money in this co. But there are many more that never do. I met a man who was in the co.

for 3 years and hasn't made a dime yet. Yes you will have to have a license to sell there UL. This has the feeling of a cult. Pressure to talk to strangers about coming out to a meeting weighs on you all the time.

I tried and was given wrong phone numbers. WFG tells you to except rejection. Part of the game. But it gets to you.

Costs $100 Background check.

Vegas trip $2000, Clothes$200.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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My experience is much different


I can truly say the location in Orlando FL is different.


Still, what's the contact info there? Thanks


There's a person on here that has left a message 2 weeks ago about how to cancel a FFIUL and not 1 out of 250,000 AGENTS AND RECRUITS has had the morals and integrity to help him out....

You have WFG-WSB talking about educating 1 million families by 2020...NOPE it's about taking money not helping them financially.

You defend your pyramid and the official WFG #'s tell us that only 99.5% of all WFG agents or 248,000 of 250,000 make less that 2272$/ it's not about work or's about pushing products and recruiting people into this MLM.


WFG Anon #1385956, your puffy inspiring-sounding comment is totally content-free and FACT-FREE. You packed it full of empty words and LIES.

Let's look at them shall we?

LIE/EMPTY PHRASE #1: "There are many businesses that gives an individual the ability to build, not just an income, but a lifestyle" and "Very few people are Financially Independent."

Sure Anon, whatevs. You're much more likely to rise from mailroom to CEO at your J.O.B. than to build an meaningful income at WFG. WFG's system is totally rigged against you. You're work like a slave and sell your soul to fill the pockets of Transamerica, WFG Corp, and the top 0.5% of the agents at the tippy-top of the pyramids, many even most of whom got grandfathered in from WMA in 2001. For more evidence of this please search on the P*ssed Consumer site for the 18 May 2016 review titled "10 Lies and Misreps That

WFGers Tell You--And Themselves." In there you read this:

"...we see an even *bigger* earnings gap in WFG than at your J.O.B. On 27 Aug 2015 HuffPo ran a piece decrying the “outrageous” 204-to-1 pay gap between the CEO and rank-and-file workers, with 4 CEOs at the top of the list earning more than 1,000-to-1. We can put WFG right up there with the worst of them with its staggering *1,321*-to-1 gap. (3m ring earners compared to the 99.7% who earn, on average, $2,272/yr.) So much for WFG giving you the fair shot at the big bucks your J.O.B. kept you from..." Need more actual proof--from *WFG's own numbers?*--what a total disaster is WFG? Then please search on the 8 Dec 2016 review titled "WFG is a Great Way to Go BROKE and LOSE FAMILY and FRIENDS" That'll give you all the news you need to know to stay far FAR away from this terrible MLM. LIE/EMPTY PHRASE #2: "You MUST have EXTRA ORDINADARY Dreams, Desires, and work ethics!" At WFG, you must shamelessly recruit, recruit, recruit, and kick all your morals and ethics to the curb to sell disastrous guaranteed-to-FAIL life insurance policies to your family and friends. Please search on Pissed Consumer for the 22 July 2016 reviews titled "Why the FFIUL--WFG’s Flagship Policy--is a *Disaster*" This gives you the damning numbers. Anon, if you are that "EXTRA ORDINADARY" kind of morally bankrupt person, then WFG may be for you. LIE/EMPTY PHRASE #3: "Any business that is a MLM type business gives you the advantage of being a franchisee..." and "...If your place of employment offered that, would you be a business owner or an employee?..." Anon, let's be clear, WFG agents are nothing more than *contractors*. With WFG you do NOT own your Book of Business. Your customers are not yours. They belong to WFG. When you signed the Associate Membership Agreement (AMA) you signed away your rights to them for at least two years after you leave WFG. Please carefully read your AMA you signed. Best yet, please carefully read WFG's abusive exploitative AMA *before* you sign it and sign away many of your rights! Finally, when you sign up at WFG, please don't for one minute believe that you don't "work for anyone." Your uplines control your destiny ever bit as much as your bosses at your J.O.B. Please return to the review "10 Lies and Misreps That WFGers Tell You--And Themselves." There you find this: " “[Go to] WFG’s Compensation & Promotion Guidelines Squarespace.” ...what if your upline thinks you’re not being “coachable” enough?...on page 8, you find these: Footnote 2: Promotion requires approval of direct upline *** Footnote 3: Promotion requires approval of direct *** and CEO MD Footnote 12: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee inclusion in the Base shop Pool. This means *even if you meet the sales and recruiting goals to move up* your upline can block your progress. WFG makes it clear that, regardless of its promises that you “own your own biz” and have “freedom of carrier/product choice,” you’re forced to play ball with your upline to move up to real money. Folks, please save yourself a lot of time, money and heartache. Don't walk--RUN!--from WFG and its rag-tag army of clueless hi-belief, lo-info, ethics-free sales rep-licants who recruit-attack their own friends and families like mindless disease-causing viruses. Dear reader, thank you very much for reading this. I hope this helps you and I wish you good luck in your future efforts.


There are many businesses that gives an individual the ability to build, not just an income, but a lifestyle.

The Bible says much is given, much is required.

In any business it takes work. Success does NOT come over night. What you put into it, is what you get out of it.

Very few people are Financially Independent.

You have to desire a lot more in life than having an ordinary one.

Businesses such as Amway, Avon, WFG, Primeamerica and many other business such as this are not for the ordinary! You MUST have EXTRA ORDINADARY Dreams, Desires, and work ethics!

You will change as each gives you the desire to change. A reason to change.

You have to ask yourself. What do you want for your life and for your families life? Are you happy working for someone else.? Any business that is a MLM type business gives you the advantage of being a franchisee without the LARGE franchising fees associated with being apart of a named professional business.

If your place of employment offered that, would you be a business owner or an employee? If you had the opportunity to own a McDonalds, would you? MLM businesses teaches you many things that your job does not teach. Few good things you learn is Franchising concepts, business ownership, team work, and how to make a large long term income.

Even if that's what you'd like to learn....take on the challenge! Learn how to be a business owner, on 2 levels. Theory and practical. You learn as you go.

Unlike College, theory only! Reall talk! Find a professional and sit down with with them, and find out why they are working their business, and how are they so successful with it.

And if your gonna do it...DO IT! DONT TRY IT!


Anonymous #1385956, please see my above response to your comment. Thank you.


You couldn't have said it any better!


No-name commenter couldn't have said empty useless words any better.


I agree.


READ THIS!!! "Jay #1383042" Why are so many A+ rated companies whose products are sold through WFG the target of a MASSIVE CLASS-ACTION LAW SUIT now being prepped by one of America's leading law firms?

And--sooprize! sooprize!--it's for massively abusive wealth-busting Universal Life policies, like Transamerica's FFIUL, WFG's flagship product, the first piece of drek that WFG salestrons try to flog to raw recruits and their family and friends. Please search on "Lieff Cabraser Universal Life" to go right to that page titled "Life Insurance Surrender & Hidden Fees Investigation" There Jay you'll find your "wonderful" A rated firms like Nationwide, Transamerica and Aegon USA, which owns WFG, your terrible, hugely exploitative MLM.

About Cardone and Robbins, they don't "work for" WFG any more than any slick motivational speaker who talks for a fee to anyone who pays them.

About Cardone, Jay, you expect us to care about even a single word that oozes from the mouth of a smarmy Scientologist car salesman who clearly doesn't know jack about WFG? Nobody hardly even knows this guy outside the mindless rah-rah MLM world. About Robbins, he strayed out of his Motivation Coach lane and pubbed a critically panned booked on finances. Search on the NYT review "Slippery Tips on Annuities From a Life Coach" to read one such critique.


Please don't walk--RUN!--from WFG and its terrible wealth-busting products, especially Transamerica's FFIUL.

Thank you for reading this and good luck to you.


READ THIS!!! Why are so many A+ rated companies working with WFG if this is a scam and terrible company?

Companies like Nationwide and Prudential. Why are people like Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins working with WFG. PEOPLE STOP BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN FAILURES. Families are broken up because lack of respect, communication, and support not because of WFG.

sorry to hear that your experience was bad.

My experience has been AMAZING! But really how are you expected to win if you quit. You said another person didn't make money after 3 years. What was he doing wrong.

I personally know people that are earning over 6 figures with WFG after 1 year. They never quit. Hmmm that's weird. You were still in the learning phase and you gave up.

It's not fair to write that WFG is bad because you gave up. Remember every business needs to recruit customers or employees. That's how business grows. Try opening your business and see if you are a 100% profitable in 2 months.

Remember a 9 to 5 in Corp.

America is also a system/ cult environment, if you don't follow the system you get fired. Please just accept that you failed because of you.


Hey Jay,WHY would we go thru WFG which isn't rated A+ to have the same products..Think about are useless middle man with poor ratings as a company.

And worst you use the recruits for their family and friends contact info and they make absolutely no money...seen by the 2015 official WFG numbers.

You push these talking points as it's all you have.You are paid by commission so you are desperate.

And don't insult the 9-5 crowd..they are the one's you are trying to sell the terrible IUL's to.Recruits fail because the company is a MLM(Ponzi) and the pyramid peek needs the base to feed it!!

Many recruits with WFG don't make any money and on average of the 250,000 agents and recruits the average commission was 2272$/YEAR..that's it!!


Jay #1383042, please see my above response to you. Thank you.


WFG Anon #1381881, that Forbes author also lies to us, big-time. He has zero clue if Harbaugh bought an IUL or a VUL or what policy type.

Harbaugh kept private the policy type he bought. That's why the USA Today article the Forbes author cited doesn't actually say the policy type. Please carefully read that USA Today piece. You won't find IUL mentioned anywhere in it.

WFG Anon #1381881, please search on "Schechter Wealth Harbaugh" to find the blog entry from a few weeks ago. It's titled "How Cash-Value Life Insurance Made Jim Harbaugh College Football's Top Paid Coach." Schechter Wealth sells IULs. But even Schechter Wealth admits: "...Some of the finer details of the [Harbaugh] arrangement have not been made public. These include such particulars as the exact life insurance product being purchased..."

WFG Anon #1381881.

Harbaugh almost certainly bought a VUL, a Variable Universal Life policy. He'll have hired his own investment manager, wrapping both his VUL and his investments within a PPLI. Harbaugh'd be totally nuts to get an IUL and limit himself to the carrier's ultra-conservative investments of his cash value. Anyone with lots of money to invest and who seeks a insurance policy tax shelter will *hands-down* get VUL.

VUL is the ONLY life insurance policy type the big boys use, which they put within PPLIs, BOLIs, and COLIs.

Hope this helps you understand things a little better. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for reading.


Anon #1381881, you're dead WRONG. That Forbes shill piece is *totally* biased.

The author runs a biz that sells Permanent Life insurance products. Of course he wants to convince folks to buy these policies. How much more biased can you get?!

Anon, guess you didn't notice where Forbes disclaims it.

Forbes says "**The opinions expressed are those of the writer.**"


Please stop lying to us. Thank you in advance.


This is an unbiased article about life insurance alone, not WFG or Transamerica or voya, strictly utilizing life insurance as a vehicle for retirment, and of course, double as a life insurance plan in case *** goes through the roof. People are given choices, everyone is entitled to their own belief, however, at the end of the day, what do you want to leave behind for your family?

$500,000 to protect everything you have work hard for and to take care of all financial hardship for your family or would you rather leave behind $50K worth of loans, a $250K house that is not paid off yet and STILL have to pay taxes on it, death tax, inheritance tax, funeral cost and a drop in the family's annual income?

WFG has no product themselves, we are merely the middle person for these financial companies that has been around for hundreds of years, in the fortunate 500 in both U.S and Global.

Nationwide has been around for 100 years+, Transamerica 100+ years, Aegon 100+ years.

WFG is even partnered with the companies that handle YOUR retirement accounts such has john hancock, vanguard and mass mutuals. So before there is any back lash about the products we provide, do your research, take a look at YOUR retirment accounts and i can 80% guarantee you that WFG works with that company and offers the same product YOU ALREADY HAVE.


WFG Anon #1381881, please see my responses to you above. Thanks.


A full family meltdown due to this funky "business"! Darn near destroyed...why?

Because daughter in law will not accept a no, continues to press every one in the family and want contact names and phone numbers from us all. No one signed up for this terd and her feelings got son came completely undone because of it. Now we are left without either of them because they "know" best . Actually heartbreaking.

Any idiot agents who can justify that it is OK to trash out your family and friends that do not agree with you are most certainly on the pyramid kool-aid! What a mess. Nasty nasty stuff! All because of her greedy pursuit of wealth.

An absolutely horrible way to make a living wouldn't you agree?

Everyone you meet is considered "fish food"! #goodluckwiththat


It's called brainwashing...they start with a meeting in which everyone gets matter if there's 300 wfg agents in a 400 person town.They will show off without any proof of course about how much money they have...driving a 1973VW bug in an old 1 bedroom trailor.The system is's a pyramid,and for that pyramid to work you need many fish under you to make a few $$.

WFG official #'s in 2015 were clear..first the only pay they have is commission which pushes them to sell without any concern about how terrible the products are.In 2015 WFG numbers showed that 99.5% of all wfg agents and recruits had made 2272$/YEAR on average.That's it.

Also another 1 year (2015) they NEEDED 197000 RECRUITS...can you imagine the turnaround rate you need to have?? If all those recruits had recruited 25 people we would have millions of millionnaires in north America working for WFG...It's all smoke and mirrors and sadly like your daughter in law they believe the magic trick and nothing will change until 5 years from now they are homeless!

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