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Any company that would sell a 19 year old with no income (he is a trainee for them) a 200 dollar a month retirement policy is garbage. The sad part is my son believes he is working for a reputable firm as they are draining his small inheritance.

World Financial Group a is a pyramid scam which makes it illegal, I assume, so why is this allowed to continue? The worst part is my son is now in the process of trying to screw his friends.

If our children are graduating from high school *** enough to fall for this manipulation of the mind their education is lacking.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Location: Santa Clara, California

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My only advise to all skeptics and people who thinks that WFG is a scam is to do their own research first and stop posting non sense.


WFG is a legitimate business and not Pyramid Scam.

All of it's agent are Licensed by the State of California.

WFG does not force anyone to join or buy it's products. They do educate people how to have a better and financially secured future.


WFG is totally a scam. They use "educate" as an excuse to lure innocent people into buying insurance so they can make big commission.

There is a 10% penalty if you take out the annuity too early. Be carefully don't fall for it.


1. Worst sales calls I've ever been on. The WFG Associates demonstrated a stunning level of incompetence.

2. No integrity. Blow off appointments, be late, and little or no training on the mechanisms of the business.

3. The bi-weekly training is all sales, no contract examples, no role playing, the WFG web site contains little marketing material.

4. Representation that WFG represents many insurance companies. While true for WFG it is untrue for individual associates who are appointed at one of two insurance companies only.

5. Nepotism. The founders daughter was held up as a shining star. No other person had access to the better sales people in WFG to get their book of business established.

6. Lack of ethics. Their new marketing program start out a "financial education for employees" without the disclosure there is an underlying sales purpose. This is illegal under FINRA regulations.

7. They claim their "educators" are associates of some "financial education" institute and are accredited instructors. Their associates are not from a financial education institute and have receive their accreditation for a fee (a large fee).

8. Their hook is offering individual (one on one) consultations for employees, with the intent to sell insurance, or to lock up 401k money in annuities.

You'd do better to buy term life insurance and spend the extra dollars on paying down your credit cards and your mortgage.


I started working with WFG a few years ago and never regreted any minute. My life is completely different and i am in such a better place than before.

Not only do a have a great finaincial education but i have money too. It enteresting when you stop complaining about what other people are doing and start hepling yourself you become a whole lot less negative and stop wasting your time writing useless blogs on the internet about somnething you probally know nothing about. I dont know if any checked but life is hard. The truth is that if your willing to put the work in than you get a lot out of life.

I am so thankful that someone from WFG gave me a chance and rescued me from the financial disater i was heading for. All I had to do is listen. One other fact you may find helpful about WFG is every office is indivdually owned and operated. If your experience was negative you were probally doing business with the wrong PEOPLE.

I must apologize for the selfish people that are only in life for themselves that rob people of a good thing. I know that in my office we talk about morals and values everytime that we get together. This simple practice has the wrong people running for the door quick and in a hurry. This country needs people that are willing to fight for whats right and get up and make a differnce.

We need 19 year old that are planning for there future. We need less dependent people who are willing to get up and work for something. Lastly, how are your investment working out for you? Was your 401K cut in half in 2008?

Thats what the rest of the world is handing out. That passive management stratedgy is what needs to get kicked out of the door. As far a insurance is concerned, you never hear the millions of americans a day complaining when they can go to the hospital and get treatment, or there car gets totalled or the widow who never worked a day in her life get the life claim that buys here some time to figure out how whe is going to support her three under age of 10 children. People sure dont have complaints about insurance then, you just need someone to help make sure you have the right coverage so that it is there when you need it.

A few years I was a complainer playing the victim but what i really was is uneducated. A 522 billion dollar 150 year old Dutch company Named Aegon is going to purchase Scam. I'm glad that you there are people out there with a "google" education that have more resources than AEgon to identify that WFG is in fact a scam and they with there extreme "google skills" has solved the mistery.

Sorry to break it to you but the scam in this case is yourself. Sincerly a happy WFG client and business owner, who practices what he preaches.


My father makes over six figures with WFG and he has worked since I was born in the business. In the beginning, he worked part time with WFG as he was a civil engineer and was making more at that job than with WFG.

It took him about two years to surpass his Engineering job's income and then went full-time with WFG.

All of my father's agents were at one point part-time before going full-time themselves when WFG started surpassing the income from their "real" jobs. It's all about the work that YOU, personally, put into wanting to be successful in the business that gets you to be successful or a failure.


I must say that you r a funny writer - pure comedy. Thanks!


You walk in:

They compliment you on a few things and ask a few questions.

They try to have a legitimate conversation about something off topic which then blends into some sort of money talk.

They invite you to an orientation.

Its the same at every branch. Try walking into two different branches and compare the eerie feel. (They promise things immediately which i don't like because what if a 19 year old or better yet a 40 year with a career and a family left their current employment to give it a try)

I don't like the fact they promise you this and promise you that. Millionairs don't flaunt with speech that they are millionairs. All these people do is talk about the millionairs in the company.

Also try asking what their company does. . . you will not receive an answer. So I have done my research.


Insurance in itself is a scam so quit trying to pretend you are "helping" people. Everyone who has ever had any kind of insurance knows it is a scam..

You pay in to it for years but dont dare make a claim because your rates will go up essentially making every cent you paid into it in the first place meaningless.

Now add the pyramid scheme cult that is WFG and you have the biggest scam in the world. The only people you are helping are the greedy bastards at the top of your pyramid scheme but hey if someone is dumb enough to A think that insurance helps people and B WFG is not a cult pyramid scam then fruck em.


If you feel that way then please cancel all the insurances you currently have since insurance is apparently a scam.


Cancel your homeowners insurance, car insurance, insurance on your sell phone, on your TV and all the other insurances on the things you care about more than your own family. Congrats bro, good way to reveal your character


I wonder how much WFG pays people to post positive comments here to offset the fact that they are a scam house. :)


I myself have witnessed a young 20 year old make over $30,000.00 in a few months and I have personally been with WFG for two years. It is all about how hard you work for yourself.

Sceptics don't believe because they are unwilling to work hard. WFG Products add stability to families. It's good your son is saving for his future because God knows there will be no Social Security when he gets older. Instead of being pissed be involved with your son and help him towards his success.

We don't suck anyone in we know that some people need a little help. We can only lead a horse to water but we can't make them drink.

If we give a man a fish he eats for a day but if we teach a man how to fish he eats for a lifetime. We only teach about finance and it's up to you on what you do with it.


To join wfg, I m not saying that good or bad but at least learn how to save money. I am very glad that 19 years old wants to save money, because in that way you don't have to worry about him anymore.

Other kids in that age they will spend that money for games, party, club or smoke.... What is your choice?


You've obviously Googled the wrong company to place your complaint against. Accurately research the correct company prior to making slanderous remarks about a company that was created to protect families, not hurt them.

World Financial Group is in the business of helping families obtain Life Insurance, eliminate their debt and create short and long term savings for retirement. THEY DO NOT GIVE OUT LOANS, COLLECT DEBTS, OR PUT PEOPLE FURTHER IN DEBT.

You are confusing WFG with perhaps another type of organization. You really should attend a simple orientation before judging such a reputable compnay.


Good for the 19 yr old. I wish that I could have the ability to put in $200/mnth for a savings plan that I could take out in 10 yrs (tax and penalty free)and use where ever I needed it. If your son keeps with and works hard at WFG, he'll be richer than you by the time he's your age and will most likely be paying for you medical bills.


These day you got to be careful what you see and hear because there are allot of scam artist who disquise themselves as good people but are only out to fleece people out of their money. I would use a gift that God gave us and that is discernment.

We live in bad financial times and we are not sure that these places are legitimate. :?


You guys are a bunch of mediocre thinkers who complain about small stuff. How about go do something half as good as what WFG does for family's and stop wasting time complaining about something you know very little about.

My best friend and my cousin are a part of WFG and both very successful. Any business requires investment, any business requires hard work, any business requires talking to people you know and any business that is growing recruits. So what exactly is the issue?

it is just not for you; doesn't make it bad. Unbelievable!!


WOW! What a horible company; to actually encourage your 19 year old son to save money; and to get into the highest paying industry in the world, and to start a business that he owns instead of working for someone else...they must be the devil. So SAD


I joined the company few months ago, I didn't need to spend any money for the company, I paid for my License which I have it and I can use it to work for other insurance companies too so it was not a money spending!!!and if I buy an insurance to protect myself and my family it doesn't mean that they took money from me I can buy the same insurance from others too and why not from WFG.

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