Funny how one meeting can raise up so many red flags. So here's the story; I'm 19 years old. My very good friend who (poor thing) already has a license for this company told me that she put me down as a reference, and if I can speak the good word for her. Absolutely, I say; she is a great person. So i get a call from the recruiter (I've officially associated that word with disgust) and he starts by saying that I'm my friend's reference. Yes I am, I say. He then states "Are you a hard worker?" I'm shocked by his question. Awfully personal for just a reference call. Yes, I say. "Ok, great. So we were wondering, would you like to come in for an interview?"

RED FLAG 1) Why would a reference call turn into a recruitment call?

Naturally at the time though, I'm actually pretty excited. After all, does this not sound like opportunities' knocking? I say yes, definitely. So the date is set. (REMEMBER he said an INTERVIEW. This comes in handy later...) My dad willingly and gladly takes me there, and we also have my kid brother of 10 years with us.

So I arrive. I see my good friend and we chat it up. But then I notice something's off about the office space.

RED FLAG 2) There are several other young boys not 3 years younger or older than me, all sitting in the lobby. and another thing we can't help but notice is that, in the back rooms, there's what sounds like a miniature party going on. We're all in suits, and there's dance music going on; I jokingly mention to a guy next to me "Is this a mini prom?" We chuckle, kinda...because us and the other 5 guys there know that something, we don't know what, but SOMETHING is afoot. I say under my breath "Boy this must be a big *** interview." The guy I spoke to turns over and says...

RED FLAG 3) "You were told it was an interview, too?"

Then i notice all the other heads pop up. There is no transparency anymore, we are now bonded to each other through spirit in the same scenario; we are all on the same boat. We all then simply look straight, pokerfaced, not peeping a single word to each other. Silence. A silence of understandment.

So finally we are being called up to go and see what in tarnation is going on in the back rooms anyway. And yeah, it's basically a mini prom; everyone's there. They're all chatting it up, dance music is blaring through speakers. Well this is hokey, I think to myself. So i'm going around chatting to all kinds of characters, and all of them not making anything better either. So i'm speaking to one young man who is about 21, and we're taking and what not, and then we get onto his experience here, and then he mentions that...

RED FLAG 4) he's now quit school and come to here work full time (oh you poor, poor soul, may you be granted peace in the afterlife). And then has the audacity to say "And maybe you'll feel so to, you never know." Haha, um yeah how about no thank you kindly.

So then I meet another person, a middle aged veteran of the company, and i start the conversation with the ice breaker of "I'm sorry, but I didn't do any research about your company, I'm sorry. Haha!" And then she jovially says...

RED FLAG 5) "Haha oh no worries, you don't need to look too much into us!" EXCUSE ME? Only a company that has something to hide bluntly says in the open "we don't have anything to hide."

So finally we go into a room, all of us recruits, into one room. And as it goes on, i realized, wait a minute....this is a seminar. And there's some speakers, they're actually charming and pretty funny, but then I realized...

RED FLAG 6) I thought this was an interview?

Now at first i dismiss it, thinking oh they just forgot. I mean hey, it happens to the best of us, right? But then I notice one person go to a man on the side and say "Hey, uh I'm actually running late, do you think we can get interviewed yet?" Oh, him too, I think. And then another comes up with the same question. And another....aaaand anther. And another. And another. And another.....aaaand another. Oh my God, I say to myself


Now just why is this so bad, you say. So what they left it out, you say. Well i'll tell you why it's so wrong.

1) If they didn't tell me about this, then what else are they not telling me?

2) If they didn't bother to tell you about how long it really was, then they just don't care about your time. Think about it; if someone told you "Wait here for just 5 minutes, I promise you JUST 5 minutes..." and they come back 55 minutes later, even though they promised you just 5 minutes, wouldn't you feel wasted, like you just botched your plans that you made around that person? Now go for what was supposed to be 30 minutes into 2 hours.

RED FLAG 8) They never told me about the seminar, thus lying about how long this would really be , thus they showed that the didn't care a rat's *** about mine, my brother's and my dad's time that we planned AROUND THEM based on what THEY SAID.

My dad and rightfully so antsy, impatient 10 year old brother were sitting in a car for 2 hours. My little brother missed his karate class where he was going to train for a yellow belt, missed it. I was supposed to meet another good friend of mine for coffee; missed it. My dad was late to work (he's an officer, so there's NO room to be late). This showed me that they really did not, and do not, care about your time. And they're willing to hide from you (this comes in later)

Because they made us late, my dad had no choice but to go. So there I was, now stranded, standing in the lobby, stunned that they out rightly lied to my face about the time and wasted it.

So I go back to the seminar, and they're telling us about how the company works and how you get money. But then I hear from behind the wall some really strange, weird dancing and movement and even chanting and just a gigantic romp going on in the room next to us, with all the regular employees in there. So it sounds like a pretty darn hokey place to work their. Not enough to register as a red flag but still, something about it was...just plain strange.

So finally we leave, and me and basically about everyone else is thinking the same thing, and i looked at all their faces around the room, and I KNOW that they're all thinking the same thing; I. Thought. This. Was. Supposed. To. Be. An. Interview. We all know what's up; every recruit's face in there was one of disgust.

But hey, NOW we're being interviewed, so now it should be smooth sailing from here. So it's my turn, and my friend and our recruiter who called me are in the office. He says I'm a handy guy, I know how to speak to people, I'm kind generous, very sociable, all good things to stroke my ego. So then he says...

RED FLAG 9) "So what's stopping you from signing on tonight?" It's common, logical sense that you need to have time to think about your new job. You can't just sign on the spot, or at he very least, the employer shouldn't strong arm you into it. You need time to evaluate and give thought to your new potential career. So why should a company ask you to sign ON THE SPOT? Please, tell me why? What's the logic in there? It all goes back to that they don't care about you, they care about the work and money that you'll bring in. They want you to sign on the spot because they see you not as their valuable employee, but as their valuable check. They want their check, you, and they want it now. And then I notice...

RED FLAG 10) He's pretty pushy about it. So yeah, it's confirmed; like out of a cartoon, when a lion sees it's prey as steak, my recruiter saw me as a paycheck for him.

Finally, me being the nice, guy, somehow someway (even I'm suprised) I manage to make him give me a 24 hour notice to think about it. So he says sure, it's all good. And then he says...

RED FLAG 11) "If you do look us up on research, you'll see negative comments, but it's only from those who haven't even made it past the $500 for your license and training". As stated before, only a company who has something to hide would say "we have nothing to hide." And also, I did my far share of reviews, and no, it's not just from people who never made it far; it's from people who've seen the inside of the business. And it still doesn't distill the other reviews that mention the ethical wrongdoings of the company either.

So finally, I leave the room, saying my thank you, and then I realize...

RED FLAG 12) He was never ready, nor ever mentioned, ANYTHING about giving me a disclosure of the company BEFORE signing on. He wanted me to sing on with a blindfold on my eyes, never revealing to me any disclosure of the company until it would be too late. Now please tell me how, in any way shape or form, that's ok, to have someone sign on without ever telling you any disclosure of the company until and ONLY until you're signed on.

So that is my story. A story of how one visit to their office revealed the world to me of how they work and where they stand and how they operate. And none of it is good.

And all in one visit.

Reason of review: Shady recruiting.

Preferred solution: Everyone who has been offered an "interview" with them to know what they're getting into..

World Financial Group Pros: Leaving comfort zone.

World Financial Group Cons: Dishonesty, Border-line scam, Use people for benefit, Fake sense of value.

Location: Orange, California

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Have any of you ever review in details about AMA(Associate Member Agreement)? On its page 4, a line asking...."I will obtain copies of the applicable life insurance and/or annuity replacement procedures...." What does that mean? All I know replacement really mean purchase new policy.


I find that language on page 6 of the US AMA. The Idaho DOI (Department of Insurance) site defines “Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuity Policies” as “...a replacement occurs when a new policy or contract is purchased and in connection with the sale, an existing policy is surrendered, forfeited, lapsed or otherwise terminated…” By this def, “replacement” means more than a client buying a new policy.

It means the client will give up existing policy/ies. This opens the door for WFG agents to try to talk prospects into giving up their current policies and to buy new WFG-marketed policies.


I agree cause I was sucked into wfg

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