A good opportunity to teach Financial Literacy to my Community

HappyWFG has availed me an opportunity to learn various personal financial concepts and pass on the knowledge to low income and immigrant communities. I feel that I finally found my purpose. To those that want to join sales thou, nothing good in life comes on a silver plate. Freedom of any type (include financial), has a price. either ha

User's recommendation: They have some of the best performing financial companies in the world.

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Account locked

I am not able to log into my account. It was locked due to trying too many login failures. I also have a payment tab on the login window.

User's recommendation: If you don’t want to curse out of frustration avoid them.

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World Financial Group Account
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How to obtain W2 or commissions report for tax purposes.

Former WFG agent who recently desired to resign and now having difficulty obtaining my W2 for taxes. Unable to reach a live person who can help and there are NO options on the telephone to direct me to a suitable department. VERY FRUSTRATED! Someone please contact me: Alan 310-469-****
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Hello Kameisha, All 1099s were mailed out at the end of January. You should be receiving your document soon.

If you have any support questions, you will need to contact your former upline Senior Marketing Director for support. Thank you, WFG

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Fontana, California
Hello everyone, I'm currently involved with WFG and before anyone begins objectifying my input as that of a rah rah robot I'd like to clarify my true intentions in involving myself on this forum. Yes, I'm currently learning from WFG but more importantly I am a father,...
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"Joe." Or whoever you are. Did you really want our input?

Or are you just trying to fake us? You just wanted to plug WFG and IULs?Newsflash: a life insurance polices is NOT "a useful tool towards retirement." You're confusing them with annuities.

Tell us "Joe:" How in the world you can use an IUL toward "retirement?"And I'm with the other commenters here: SHOW US THE HISTORY. You said "...Historical trends have shown FFIULs to be worth the ACTUAL expenses..." Oh yeah "Joe"?" SHOW US.

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I have been sending in requests to be called to unlock my log in for iver 2 months now. I cant get into my back office. Can someone call me back, please. Customer service lines are all automated and they take one around and around until one is tired from trying any more. Please call me back!. Thank you.
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World Financial Group Account
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World Financial Group - Review in Financial Services category from Los Angeles, California

WFG is a great company that gives average 9 to 5 workers a chance to change their lives and the lives of others. There are no perfect companies in the world but WFG and all of it associates do their very best to provide great services and opertunites to everyone willing to work with them. Thank you! Host-Solomon
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It gives you an opportunity to earn money and just like any other sales business, you have to work at it. I am slowly but surely building mine. With any business, it's the person and not the company.


I'm sorry Anon, but I emphatically disagree with you. It's most definitely the company as well as the person, and WFG suffers from a very poor biz model for everyone except Corporate and the top 0.5% of the pyramid, many of whom have been around since the WMA days.

If you're going to work for an agency that doesn't let you keep your Book of Business, may as well go to a traditional captive non-MLM agency that pays you 70--80% commission right off the bat instead of WFG's lousy 25% and where you're more likely to be in an office with seasoned pros. Veterans who can actually teach you about the *products* and how to fairly present them to clients, not how recruit everyone in sight too often using deception and high-pressure tactics.

And not pressure you to sell dangerous pricey products like Transamerica's FFIUL that, if you live a reasonably long life, WILL grow so expensive it will force you to drop it and LOSE EVERYTHING for you and your heirs after you spent a lifetime faithfully pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into it. The FFIUL is an absolute disgrace and so is much too much of WFGers' behavior.


Nice post California anon, you summed up WFG nicely. I agree with you 100%


I have to disagree with you as well, just like the California Anon. They concisely pointed out the flaws within WFG.

You, like other WFG loyalists, have not provided any counter argument with substance. I must emphasize that it is both the person and the company at fault together and it's much more than "a few bad apples". To add on, the person is supposed to represent the company and obviously many are failing to make WFG any good in image or practices for that matter. I suggest you look at other posts and reviews on this website with an open mind and see the issues from real people, former WFGers and consumers.


Some posts I suggest you start reading are:

---World Financial Group - Are You Really "Your Own Boss?" Do You Truly “Own Your Own Biz?” Closely READ and *KNOW* WFG’s Contract Before You Sign It

---Plan to live a long life? Will your FFIUL--WFG’s “top” product--FAIL and leave you with NOTHING? I show you the MATH.

---World Financial Group - 10 Lies and Misreps That WFGers Tell You--And Themselves _______________________________ To reiterate what my fellow California anon stated, there is a difference in opportunities; there are good and there are bad ones, WFG being the latter.

You have better options to work with. There's no denying that businesses take hard work. Anything worth doing is hard work. However, when a business facilitates terrible sales tactics, harmful products, and harmful cult-like behaviors, that is something no true honest salesperson or business person should engage with...

unless of course you're a deceptive high-pressure salesperson deep down. And remember these complaints are not isolated incidents, it's real people from all walks of life being hurt by WFG and its agents to the point it's on a personal level. I've been in WFG; I have or more accurately HAD close friends who joined with me in WFG and I no longer talk to them or barely after quitting. Additionally, I now suffer with a IUL that serves me no good for later in life with rising COI and pressured to keep it by my WFG agent despite me knowing that it will be detrimental to me in the future.

I will of course surrender it cause it's much better for an average person like me to put my money in government bonds and low cost index funds.

Now I could care less if that tidbit of background affects you, but it's to emphasize that it's from a real person and not some internet troll. Reflect on what you're doing to yourself and others objectively.


Host-Solomon, you say “WFG...gives...workers a chance to change their lives and the lives of others.” Have to agree with you there. I’ve seen lots of lives change all right.

As newbies got sucked into the WFG cult, I’ve seen them lose a lot of money, lose a lot of friends and strain plenty of family relationships :-((

I’m sorry to say but you read like just another one of the zombies. Your short passionless generalized script--devoid of any details of your own personal experience--reads straight out of WFG’s Lies and Misreps Playbook. For your “9 to 5 workers...” and “There are no perfect companies...” lines, please check out WFGers' Lies/Misreps #5 through #7 in the 18 May review that's titled "10 Lies and Misreps That WFGers Tell You--And Themselves." Btw, you may want to consider running your posts through a spell-checker. You know.

Credibility and all that.

Finally, from what deep bench of financial service experience do you speak?

The only WFG Host-Solomon I find is a young actor and cameraman who also wrote a work of science fiction. Otoh, acting, presenting fantasies--that fits right in with WFG.


Basically you did a Donald Trump by giving literally no information at all on why WFG is great, probably because there will be holes in your logic if you did. At least you didn't go off the far end compared to your fellow WFGers in defending WFG illiterately or with poor writing skills.

Of course not all companies are perfect and that's nice if you truly believe that you're helping others, but it doesn't detract from how WFG has established a system in which it facilitates bad practices by agents that can hurt independent contractors that join and for consumers.

Independent contractors can seek firms or IMOs in which they get higher % commission, better training and mentoring, and credibility. FFIULs can potentially or almost definitely hurt the consumer who buys them as they get older. In fact its better for the average consumer to simply put money in short-term government bonds and/or low cost S&P 500 index fund if they wish for their money to grow as an investment. If they really want insurance though, they can get a term life plan instead.

The list can go on, but I'd be writing a full blown book if I did.

I've been in WFG and really suggest you take a hard look at WFG without rose-colored glasses. Assess WFG's practices and what it creates, take a look at the plans sold without your illustration model and use a normal calculator, read reviews from regular consumers and former WFG members as many are real complaints with real experiences. This isn't something simple like bad customer service or having an employee be rude or not knowledgeable that puts companies down. ex) Target, Apple, Macy's, JP Morgan Chase, Sony etc.

typically don't go beyond those things. WFG can truly hurt people whether they are agents or buyers in a direct manner.


It is a great company for the few who are at the top of the pyramid. A position the great majority will never achieve.


Says who unless you are one of the braindead sheep who's been overlooked and rejected by society or r u one of those so called engineer / doctor /etc who quit Ur previous profession to be part of wfg. Lol haa haa haa àaaaaaa haa àaaaaaa haa haa haa àaaaaaa haa haa haa haa haa

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