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Hey it's me Liquid. I was given this in response to my "You are a pyramid" accusation. They claimed that "Why would Nationwide slap their name with World Financial Group if they're a pyramid? Here's a video of Peyton Manning endorsing WFG through Nationwide and here's this as proof we aren't a pyramid"

Does this make Nationwide part of the scam then?


This person wrote the review a product or service from World Financial Group and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants World Financial Group to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Hollister, California, United States #1192157

I got taken by WFG.There is no such thing as a LIRP.

Life insurance isn't retirement.I am already in the hole over 4k because I bought into the ***.

Berkeley, California, United States #1187081

It's a paid celeb endorsement.So what?

Absolutely meaningless. That's like WFG buying ad spreads in Fortune. These paid spots fail to confer even one speck of legitimacy to WFG. Who know what Peyton Manning knows about financial services, if anything at all?

Folks, the actor Helena Bonham Carter pitched Yardley Cosmetics and she never wore makeup!Check out that beaut out at www dot businessinsider dot com/the-13-worst-celebrity-endorsement-fails-2012-1

to William3 Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1188149

So what's your response to all the well known investment companies being sued right now for scamming their employees with they're 401ks?

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1188164

Phoenix Anon.You totally fail to address my comment.

How do your vague words about "investment companies" and 401(k) scams" change the fact that an WFGer gave the OP a totally bogus reason--a generic paid celeb endorsement--in a lame attempt to legitimize WFG? It's like saying "company X is great!

Cuz see?--its advert says so!" Phoenix Anon, what part of that don't you get?What’re you trying to prove?

to William3 #1188251

William3, I think it's a lost cause to prove a point with Phoenix Anon since they don't realize the fallacy of their own argument before publishing their comment.

to Anonymous #1188253

WFG isn't in any better boat. I could say yes it's wrong for those companies to scam their own employees, but nonetheless WFG isn't any better by selling risky financial products like the FFIUL or just xUL products to clients who are more than likely have to lose their plan if they live a long life. What makes WFG free of doing the same thing but just in a different method?

to William3 #1192068

Of course Peyton is going to endorse WFG since WFG makes good money for Nationwide. He's not saying it's a place to go work.

Berkeley, California, United States #1187032

Yes Liquid, I second SF Anon's request.You may also want to post them at www dot finance-guy dot net/streetonomic/world-financial-group-review.

That comment board is active and the site appears to make it easy to post multiple docs and update them.

Thank you for your efforts Liquid!Daylight is a terrific disinfectant.

to William3 Houston, Texas, United States #1187077

Thanks for your post William3, I looked at the website and it was very informational on shedding light on WFG even further. Too bad my friends are in too deep to quit WFG and listen to the logic this website uses.

to Anonymous Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1190905

I fail to see any valid argument against WFG on this page.Just a group of critics who failed at using their business model.

It is not a scam period.

If employees are not coachable and do what they are taught and then decide learning financial principles and helping others apply them is a scam then why would being a teacher not also be a scam?Nobody is a paid recruiter in this company.


I realize its a similar to the Payton Manning explanation but I have talked with financial advisors from California to Florida and I have never seen someone explain so openly with others what they are doing to help others and how their business runs.

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