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Hey it's me Liquid, I'll be posting anonymously cause I am in one of their offices, I write my reviews when I'm in Sacramento to fool them. But I received this.

I'll let you guys decide about this. These are the MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS CHECKLIST. They are literally forcing membership now cause they're in hopes someone will become an active agent one day. When I get my workbook back I'll post every page...

@William3 I can't wait for you or anyone to dissect the pages. I even got a hold of an FFIUL agent guide.

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Who ? What ?

Never heard of them. Don't have the foggiest idea what you're rambling about.

You provided no introductory information, mission statement, costs involved, cast of characters, actions/malfeasance, conflict, attempted resolution ... a really lousy post.


Thanks's fascinating that we have to have a rogue agent to have the chance to see a contract and the price of a policy like it's the magic 11 spices for KFC chicken but we all know why this is's so it's underground and the #'s can't be debunked if they are not shown...fascianating how WFG agents can defend #'s when they can't even show


Thanks Liquid, please keep the stuff flowing here :-0. If you can do it it'd be great to see full copies of recent insurance policies and financial instruments that WFGers push their downlines hardest to sell.

You know, the big commission stuff like Transamerica's FFIUL and Variable Annuities. Complete with all the contract language and the policy data.


Liquid...You are awesome.

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