I don't quite sure what are you saying ruin you family for 26 years.

I signed in recently, I don't want to happen to my family what happened to you. I thought this would be a part time job that could supplement your household income. They don't force me to attend the meeting if I don't wanted to. I attended because I want to learn more. And my vacation is planned out. If I decided to go, I go. It is up to the person if you want others to dictate your actions.

Any business be it in retail, service, etc. are in to profit. In business only the owners benefit from it. Here you have the chance to earn your share. Is that a bad practice?

Hope you will enlighten me about this. Thank you!

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No, WFG is not a part time or full time job. you are not an employee of anyone.

You are an independent agent for a financial product distribution company. some product & service you can do without license, others you need proper license (either issued by state or federal/FINRA, depends on product).

You have to be self motivated, coachable, hard working, goal oriented & team player. For right people it's the best opportunity, for wrong people- total waste of time.


Maybe your review would be more convincing if you spoke as a properly educated individual

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