WFG is ruining my marriage. My wife spends all Saturdays and sometimes parts of the week in meetings, coming home late at night. They tell her about trips that she can take with them. Enticing my wife; and telling her that she would see the world. I can’t remember when was the last time, my wife and I took a trip, its like she is married to WFG. My wife is now in debt worst than she has ever been before. Her credit score has dropped tremendously since she joined WFG. Now she has her license and has sold a couple of insurance to people, when the money comes in they tell her about a big trip and the money she has made is spent and more. Its gotten so bad that she had dug into her retirement fund. She tells me that she will make it rich, and prove everyone wrong, while her marriage goes down the tube. I think I have a better chance of hitting lotto.

We fight constantly, because even our love life is non-existence. No matter what I tell my wife, she defends these people, that I now call a cult.

Our marriage is fading slowly and my wife doesn’t care. She is more in *** financially than she has ever been before meeting this group. I now look at the person who recruited my wife, with anger and contempt, because from what I see, my wife is making him rich, while we drown in debt. I am about to walk out on our marriage, and I wont tell my wife.

I will just walk out and never look back. It’s sad because I love my wife, but my wife seems to love and put first this group before our marriage. They tell her, that they are for marriages and that’s why it is so important, that your spouse also joins you, if I were to do that we both be homeless. She’s behind on all her bills, borrowing from credit cards just to pay off another credit card, and I see the outcome, but she doesn’t see it.

With what I see the person who recruits people are ones making the big bucks, and the recruits are really supporting their families while their own family is destroyed.

My advice, please stop your spouse before its too late from joining WFG, they increase while you and your family decreases in everything you hold sacred.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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But there's no big cost to do WFG... costs $100 one time for enrollment.

Then another $400-$500 to get your insurance license....

but after that...??? I don't understand why she would dig into her retirement..


Wow that’s so sad i first believe it but then right away I was smarty enough to quit I quit the first day I started .I saw it I was like what is this I’m 34 I’m smart enough to figure it out . Some people don’t and some people like you said maybe get brain washed. In the beginning I was like OK I’ll give it a try so many times but then something told me don’t do it I stopped myself because I felt it that this is not right and I guess my instincts were right I’m so sorry I read your post that’s such a sad story.


Sometimes love is not enough to save a sinking ship. Reads as if this association with the company may be partially a symptom of bigger underlying issues.

An effect rather than a cause. Many marriages are troubled by one partner's rationale to wit : "if only ... (fill in the blank) (would/would not) ...

then everything would be fine". Remember that you, too, have but one life to live and don't become bogged down while the clock is ticking away with an unsatisfactory situation.


I am sorry to hear what you are going through. What you describe is typical.

I have seen the same first hand. They try to isolate the trainee from all friends and family...who they consider to be negative influences. This story repeats itself over and over again...at the expense of life savings and relationships.

I agree the previous comment...try to talk to her calmly and rationally. I wish you luck


Trust in Jesus, put your faith in him. Don’t fight with your wife.

Wait until you can talk without fighting and then tell her you have something to say rationally. Tell her your concerns about your marriage and finances calmly. Ask her to understand. No one should ever use there retirement money for an investment like this.

I’d she still refuses and won’t negotiate tell her your marriage is in jeopardy and you have to make some difficult decisions.

Talk to her calmly rationally and without anger. Good luck to you.

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