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Not trying to kill your dreams here. I’m trying to -save- you, your families, your friendships, and your money from this endless soul-sucking NIGHTMARE.

I worked full-time for WFG in NYC for two years. I burned through through tons of savings chasing the “dream.” Course they told me I failed because “I didn’t work hard enough.” No, no, NOOO! Folks, I “failed” because I couldn’t keep LYING TO and CHEATING my family, my friends and my downline. I couldn’t keep selling them expensive terrible insurance policies and financial products. I couldn’t keep selling them on this equally terrible business “opportunity.”

WFG is ALL LIES. One GIANT STINKING LIE. It’s a World of Foul Garbage.

Look people I’m not gonna reinvent the wheel here. Other reviews spell it out way better than I ever could. Please do yourselves a favor. READ THESE REVIEWS.

Start with this guy, “voice of the 99 percent:”

World-financial-group dot pissedconsumer dot com/world-financial-group-transamerica-financial-advisers-learn-the-truth-20111206279754.html

He gives a fantastic overview of the SLEAZY SCAM that is WFG. Especially how they pressure you into going to endless “motivational” meetings to keep your “dream” alive and your morals rotting in the gutter. Meanwhile they keep you IN THE DARK about how WFG really works and the products you sell so you can plead ignorance and maybe feel a little less horrible about yourself. So many times I asked my uplines to explain how such-and-such policy worked. They always put me off. I finally started taking policies to independent advisors. That’s when I started to learn the AWFUL TRUTH about them.

After you finished that, check out some of William3’s stuff. This guy gets down into the NITTY-GRITTY - showing us the company’s OWN WORDS - that shows what a TRAIN WRECK that WFG is for any honest caring person who gets sucked into this nightmare.

This review spells out for you how WFG -stacks the deck against you- when you sign up with this outfit. Especially it shows you why that WFG “own your own business” line is a reeking pile of CR*P:

World-financial-group dot pissedconsumer dot com/are-you-really-your-own-boss-do-you-truly-own-your-own-biz-closely-read-and-know-wfg-s-contract-before-you-sign-it-20160617867376.html

Once you join WFG, your upline’s gonna pressure you big time to sell the *** out of the FFIUL policy from Transamerica. This review spells out for you why that FFIUL is HUGELY RISKY and why nobody should wave their checkbook anywhere near this disastrous dollar-sucker:

World-financial-group dot pissedconsumer dot com/plan-to-live-a-long-life-will-your-ffiul-wfg-s-top-product-fail-and-leave-you-with-nothing-i-show-you-the-math-20160525854331.html

Want more well researched and *honest* financial and business education about WFG? Check these out:

Www dot finance-guy dot net/streetonomic/world-financial-group-review

Ethanvanderbuilt dot com/2015/08/03/wfg-scam-yes-opinion

World-financial-group dot pissedconsumer dot com/10-lies-and-misreps-that-wfgers-tell-you-and-themselves-20160518850218.html

World-financial-group dot pissedconsumer dot com/will-wfg-die-dissect-this-evidence-do-your-homework-decide-for-yourself-20160515848409.html

Folks, please, avoid WFG like the plague! You can do much MUCH better. I went on to Northwestern Mutual for five years, actually made decent money from pretty much the get go, got GREAT training from actual PROS, people who actually know what they’re doing, and now I run my own IMO. Look if you didn’t get into WFG ages ago back in the 90s when it was World Marketing Alliance and sold your soul to Lucifer, then you *are* gonna go down in flames here I guarantee it. Save yourselves! Stay far FAR away from this toxic dump!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

World Financial Group Cons: Pushes agents to break laws, Way too expensive and risky.

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Dear 中国人民:

You can find China's 2005 law that bans Multilevel Marketing (MLM) companies at:

www dot gov dot cn/zwgk/2005-09/03/content_28808.htm

It's titled: 《禁止传销条例》已经2005年8月10日国务院第101次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2005年11月1日起施行。

Obviously this law doesn’t apply to companies here in the US. But it shows you that the world’s second largest economic power in the world outright *bans* MLMs.

That highlights how serious MLM problems are. WFG clearly shows us it routinely abuses clients, recruits, and downlines we too often see in other MLMs.


Now I'm wondering why on Earth would China ban MLMs? Do you think maybe its because its a Communist country and its leaders don't want to see the "little people" succeed financially? Unless it's to the government's benefit, re: investing in America companies then buying property all over the United States in the name of the mother land.


Said it before, say it again: I’d love to see unbiased info guides on Multilevel Marketing (MLM)--and specifically on WFG--in the languages of developing Asian countries. WFG sucks in very many of its trusting starry-eyed recruits from these places.

Let’s start with guides published in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, and Hindi. Also, it'd be great to have MLM- and WFG-withdrawal counselors who are fluent in those languages and cultures to help ex-MLMers/WFGers in their recovery.


WFG hoodwinks even folks with good English. No wonder here on the Left Coast I see loads of Asian immigrants wading into this poisonous pool, sucked in by lotusland promises.

Funny but at least two Asian countries, China and Nepal, outright *banned* multilevel marketing (MLM), which is WFG’s operating model:

W-wlaw dot com/mlm-laws-in-china/

“...At the end of 2005, China passed a law entitled the “Regulation of Direct Sales and Regulation on Prohibition of Chuanxiao”.

Chuanxiao basically translates to multi-level marketing…”

en dot people dot cn/90001/90778/90858/90863/6996724.html

“...Nepali government has finally imposed a ban on network marketing business, ending a long-running marketing scam of Unity Life International (ULI) that cheated hundreds of thousands of Nepalis for years…”

I don’t have these countries’ specific legal definitions for MLM. But clearly we see deep concerns about this very troubled business model even at the highest gov't levels.


Thanks for the post Dreidel, we need more former WFGers (and clients!) like you to shed light on this sad company, especially when sad WFG loyalists continue to challenge us dissenters without providing FACTS, CALCULATED NUMBERS and SOURCE MATERIAL. Very appreciative that you are emphasizing sources, even old ones and outside this site.

Really sad though when most of the WFG loyalists can't refute an argument with all those 3 things above besides saying statements along the lines of "it's not complicated, that person didn't make it, I made this and this so it must work" etc.

It's not impossible for them to make a sufficient argument either, they can so either they really can't fight back because they truly don't know their stuff, really bad at arguments, or they don't care and hope we believe them... I hope you continue to write or comment on this site to help spread the word, we have few but loyal anti-WFGers.


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