I am currently affiliated with WFG. NO THEY ARE NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME!

Anybody comes into the business, can surpass the person who brought them in. It sounds to me like the NEGATIVE people on this website don't know how to run a business.. Running a business involves putting in TIME, EFFORT, AND HARD WORK. Nobody will become successful overnight.

I'm sure the people who are bitter about this company got a bad taste from the *** agents who did not know how to work ethically. However, this can happen in any type of people... I know many cases where people have opened their own business, and it failed because of people who were not genuine with their information. If you are somebody trying this business out and came on this site to give yourself an excuse to not do it, you're an ***.

Go on yelp, any restaurant or business you search for will probably have some positive, and some negative views. Those are just some people's opinions..

Does not always mean they are true. I absolutely love this business model and I think it can change anybody's life if they give it a chance and WORK HARD.

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I am a WFG Advisor and to be able to help and protect people, provide CPP program for College is a great joy, knowing many people who were not protected or getting help with college. The parent company has a 100 year plus track record and a 100 companies are on board in the USA and CANANDA, while the old industry is on a 5% decline and laying of advisors every day, WFG is chaning the industry in the USA, Phillipines, CANADA, and other countries and growing at a 30% rate.

They will be the largest in the USA and CANADA very soon, the same model was used with Keller Williams Realty, and they have become the largest in the USA, and are in Africa, CANADA, and other countries. Thier is allways some who complains, and they have nothing better to do becasue they are not sucessfull, and dont have good work habits. And all programs are approved in EVERY STATE in USA, and Province of CANADA proves every thing is LAGIT.



I know a fellow realtor colleague who has fallen for the "get rich scheme lie" they feed everyone. She is trying to recruit a few people in our office because we are salespeople and she needs us to get bumped up to the next commission pay grade which is 65%.

She says she needs to make marketing director so needs more recruits. The funny thing is that any smart person knows that this company is just a marketing firm. There is no magic pill. Sales is sales people.

She has turned her back on real estate to focus 100% of her time in this garbage and in 5 months has only made $1600.00 so thats about $320/month lol. Had she focused that time and energy in real estate she could have closed 4 deals every month for 5 months at a low $4000 commission take home per deal if not more and she would have netted real estate commissions to $64000.00 vs $320.00 in WFG commissions. This company is no different than working for companies such as oriflame. Such scams.

It is sad to say they target hispanics. I am hispanic and her favorite line is the hispanic market is untouched its like gold. Beware of WFG. She left Real Estate because you really have to work to sell.

You have to hustle. She likes WFG because they offer instant gratification on peanuts.

She's brainwashed sad to say. My words to her are Get to Work and have some dignity and respect for yourself!!


Screw your Horatio Alger motto ***. WFG charges people $100 upfront under the false pretense of a background check, WFG asks you to sell products to your friends and family before you even know the first thing about such products and, if you don't have a license yet, they send a licensed agent at their house to sell stuff.

WFG has no filtering mechanism whatsoever in their recruiting process, they pump people up with motivational speeches about rags to riches stories when most associates don't make enough to live off it. WFG spends 80% of the time on motivational speeches and recruiting and 20% on training (and even that is shoddy.) So spare us your empty rhetoric, the company has some serious questions to answer about their business practices.

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