Tess Peters is the most dishonest, unprofessional, ugliest, most obnoxious agent I ever met. She is a disgrace to Transamerica and WSB.

In her greediness to make money, she will promise commissions, mislead new agents, even use and abuse there financial resources so that she can save money from food, board and lodging while claiming that she is training her new recruits.

Her tactic starts by luring new recruits to sign up as agents and promise of monetary commissions even without letting the new agent obtain his/her Life and Health License. She is very manipulative and act as if she will help train new recruits but actually will steal the new agents' sales since the new agent has not passed their licenses yet.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

World Financial Group Pros: Consistent motivation from team.

World Financial Group Cons: Agents become so greedy with money.

Location: Orange, California

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My friend buys Walmart gift cards worth $100 each every time she goes for a presentation to a recruit . She claims to be a business expense pretending to give to that client as a gift but in REAITY she doesn't give to client but will use it for herself.

So that is WFG agents all about. I hope KARMA is around.


(This is Carol) Not only is that really crooked…but it’s very telling. These WFGers are bragging about how much money they make and yet your friend is spending all her money shopping at Walmart.

LOL. Not only is the product flawed, but WFG train people to be mindful, money-hungry, pitch-men/women. Ultimately what you end up with are soulless individuals who would literally lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. What goes around comes around.

Karma is a ***.


I agree. I always see WFGers bragging about their money, but yet they drive cheap cars for the most part and their clothes don't even look high end.

Great to see that's where people's money are going towards when they get hoodwinked... Hopefully the law catches up to them when people begin realizing that these FFIUL plans will destroy any money they had and start lawyering up to fight back against this atrocious company.


That is a pretty **** thing to do, but tells a lot about the type of people they are. Not only is that misleading the poor client, but also writing Walmart gift cards as a business expense when it's in reality personal use?

I hope karma comes back around hard double-time. No real business should (or would) allow this to be written off as a "business expense".

And just lol Walmart, if she has a successful "business" I would expect her to be shopping at other places with that amount of money. And I know this is irrelevant but just wanted to say that it also shows that she's not that bright when it comes to spending (in this case on gift cards) cause that $100 would be better off as an Amazon card but I digress.


That's an illegal business practice that can suspend her license.


That’s the entire premise of WFG. The training associates are not licensed, but required to bring in 10 people from their warm market (close family and friends).

However, even if you were licensed the same would hold true. The idea is to watch the MD or *** make the presentation and sale. After 10 presentations...”Ta-da!”…not only are you trained, but you probably tapped out of your most valuable warm market prospects. Now in order for you to make any money, you have to do the same thing to someone else…Sign up some poor schnook and feed off of their warm market.

And so on and so on.


Unfortunately that is the reality of WFG and what it creates, even though many WFGers refute these claims with utter nonsense.

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