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Yesterday's anonymous "review" ( #109**** - * Sept 2017) is just another sad example of the endless WFG lies and deceptions. Gimme a break.

Of course WFG plugs Transamerica products over all the others. The same company owns WFG and Transamerica! WFG built its Compensation and Promotion plan to push recruits and agents to buy and sell wealth-wrecking designed-to-fail FFIUL policies from Transamerica. Wanna see it for yourself?

Search on "WFG Compensation and Promotion Guidelines." That takes you right to the 8-page PDF. Go to the Compensation Guidelines on PDF page 5. See the column headers "Fixed: WRL" and "Based on 100% Table"? See how WFG offers more compensation for "WRL" than the others?

"WRL" refers to Transamerica products, at least to the FFIUL which WFG bought from Western Reserve Life in 2014. Products for the "others," which give lower agent compensation, include Nationwide, Pacific Life, Voya that the earlier "reviewer" reffed. Still don't believe me? Please try it for yourself.

Call an WFG agent--if you dare. He'll flog an FFIUL on you for sure. That's what every WFG agent pushes, first and hardest.

Folks, I've been there and done that. So you don't have to :-) Good luck to you all and thanks for reading this.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

World Financial Group Cons: Fraudulent, Legal scam.

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"Anonymos" #138****. You tell us such vague things, your comment is worthless.

You don't even contradict me. Of course an WFG agent will write you a Nationwide, Voya, etc policy. That's better than not making any sale at all, right? But the WFG sales rep-licants sell these other vendors' products only AFTER they heavily flog on you Transamerica's disastrous wealth-destroying FFIUL and they fail at that.

Plus, IULs from the other publicly-traded carriers like Nationwide and Voya are similarly awful and nearly guaranteed to FAIL on you in a few decades, STEALING your death bennie and the $100,000s you dumped into those diabolical black holes.

"Anonymos," these bland airy meaningless things you say: "they will place you with a company that fits your financial need."--"all were completely satisfied"--"properly structured"-- this empty blah-blah of yours tells us absolutely nothing at all of value. To buy an IUL is not like eating at a restaurant where you very quickly realize your satisfaction or lack of it. By contrast, insurance policy clients won't know any better for decades as the slow-fuse time bombs they acquired tick away. They will usually feel a false sense of security that they bought something their clueless and/or unscrupulous WFG agents told them would provide for them in their old age.

Quite the opposite! These poor folks will only learn the terrible truth decades later when they age into their 70s and 80s and their IULs' skyrocketing Cost of Insurance (COI) charges chomp through their cash value, busting flat their IULs and leaving them with absolutely NOTHING.

"Anonymos" we're already seeing class-action lawsuits about this very problem with original Universal Life policies from the 80s. IULs are not substantially different from those original ULs.

Transamerica introduced the first IUL in 1997, 20 years ago. Try to find even *one* IUL that's still alive after only 10 years. I guarantee you won't find this policy!

It is YOU "Anonymos" who must research the facts (not just "your" facts like you say) and educate yourself!

I would, every time, take my chances with 401(k)s and other retirement plans that face a near certain loss of all my money with disastrous Universal Life policies.

Thank you for reading this.


I disagree because my policy was placed with Nationwide NOT with Transamerica however I did purchase a Term LB with Transamerica. I had a great experience with the agent and found that they will place you with a company that fits your financial need.

I've referred many family members and all were completely satisfied with whom they were placed with. Not all were placed with Transamerica.

I think you should research your facts before you place a negative remark because in the long run, your retirement plan will be guaranteed & tax free so long as the plan is properly structured. Can you say that about your 401K or any other type of retirement plans, probably NOT.


"Anonymos" #138****, please see my above response to your comment. Thank you.


What was your cap rate and floor rate VS the rest of the companies?


Cap and floor rates don't matter. All IULs, including Transamerica's FFIUL, will implode, taking all your money.


Do your research. Skyrocketing late-life Cost of Insurance (COI) charges will outrace Index account earnings, sucking all your cash value dry.

You lose your IUL and all your money.

IULs have been out 20 years. Find me an IUL that's lasted even 10 years.

You won't find it. Not even one


It is horrible behavior to use anyone. It is reprehensible to use you friends and family. The only people who can do that are people with borderline morals and ethics.


Hello Meddy. I built my credit repair business on friends and families.

My parents built their tax business on friends and families.

If we were able to build our businesses that way I don't see how that's immorral or unethical? My friends and families helped make our businesses what they are today.


Not unethical if you sell products of value to your family and friends.

Reprehensible if you sell them horrible pigs-in-pokes like Transamerica's FFIUL--WFG's top product-- which will collapse and cause them to lose $100,000s.

@Vishnu Hhf

Agree with ex WFGer. Couldn't say it better.

Yep another blow out with son and his wife who still just cannot believe I think they are ratawded to be in this awful business. So be it. Even after giving them facts, they refuse to read any of it, like somehow that "negativity" will impede their momentum. I tell them they are purposely staying blind, and by doing so harm people not help them.

Family has all but been destroyed but of course that is my fault for not drinking my cup of the kool-aid, why don't I just shut the *** up and do what they tell me to do. It is maddening to me that they cannot put the EGO aside.

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