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WFG agents trick and cheat you. Then they recruit you and teach you how to trick and cheat other people. Seriously guys. Thats how it goes there.

Why do I feel sorry for WFG agents? Most of these guys and gals dont know it, but they seriously need HELP. By the time they know they fell into a big hole its too late. Theyre too far into WFG and can’t get out.

These guys need support. As much as they need people like us to blast them for the lies they tell and the bad things they do.

WFG agents are victims too. Almost all of them anyway. I know. I was one of them.

Please read this and learn from my story.

I worked for WFG two years. Like the other guys who stuck around, I got sucked into the endless pump you up workshops. The Live Your Dreams talk. I spent big bucks to go to the giant circle j*rks in Vegas.

I didnt know sh*t about our products. Nobody did. I knew just the “concepts” my upline wanted me to know. At first I asked questions. My uplines kept saying Don’t worry. You’ll learn as you go. So I went with the flow. I figured Hey some huge company owns WFG. We sell brand name products. What else do I need to know?! Like I said I bought all my uplines happy talk. Everyone told me Just Believe.

I got the religion big time. I believed! Hey wouldnt you? People keep saying you’ll help people and make b*ttloads of money too. Its REAL easy to believe. Forget walking on hot coals for Tony Robbins. I’d kiss rattlesnakes and speak in tongues if my upline told me to.

Its like what some guy said here--WFGs a slippery slope. Wicked slippery. My uplines kept saying dream big and stay coachable. At first I told clients the truth. I said Hey I’m new I havent made a dollar or recruited anyone yet. But I believe! Well that bombed. I was having a hard time getting 3/3/30. My upline kept telling me I’ll get there if I picture where I -will- be. Sure, makes sense, we need goals right? But I got a lot of pressure and hints to rev up my pitch. I got so good at focusing on my goals, I started flat out lying my *ss off. I told my recruits WFGs such a great opportunity I already have 40 people this month who want to sign up even though I had hooked maybe two fish and they were iffy. I started to tell them I made X thousands of dollars this month even though I didn’t make a godd*m penny. My uplines kept pumping me up. They said no problem what’s the harm youre not hurting anybody, right? Youre just trying to jump start your WFG career. You still need to work hard. But it’ll be worth it. It’ll be great.

It sorta worked. I started to recruit some people and sell some policies. Btw, pretty much everything I sold, I sold to my new peeps. Tell you the truth, its way easier and better to recruit someone THEN sell them a policy. You’re way more likely to sign the recruit and make him keep the policy. You dont want WFG sucking hundreds of dollars out of your bank account cuz your client dumped his policy. Been there guys it sucks! These policies cost bookoo bucks so regular clients dump them all the time. But if you bring a client into the business, you have -power.- He’ll keep the policy cuz he doesnt want to p*ss you off, make you give up your commission. Your best bet: RECRUIT LIKE H*LL. Reelem in, sell to that fish, and don’t letem get away. Keepem locked in the system and paying on their policies.

I got 3/3/30, made it to MD. But even after two years busting my b*tt, it wasnt enough. I never got out of jump start mode. I got better at telling lies. I was telling lots and lots of lies. All. The. Time.

I started to read more bad things about WFG and the products. I mean we all read lots of bad things about WFG. A lot of its trash talk. But I started to see reports that really do spell things out. There’s a few fantastic reviews here. New ones going back a few months. I learned a LOT. Like I didnt know what the *** I signed when I joined WFG. I sure as h*ll didn’t know the real deal with the policies. Especially the FFIUL insurance policy we’re supposed to sell hard. Its amazing all the stuff I never knew about the WFG AMA I signed to join up and about Transamerica FFIUL. I went back and looked at my own FFIUL. Everything that review said was true. Hiding in front of me. If I knew this a few years back, I wouldnt be here telling you my sad story. I wouldnt have wasted a thin dime or a New York minute on WFG.

WFG agents are like losing Vegas gamblers. They want to stick it out and made it work, get their money back. But WFGs worse. The casinos tell you the odds favor the house. But everyone tells you WFGs a proven system. Stick with it, work hard, stay coachable, you’ll make it big. Found out thats a joke. The only people WFGs great for are those guys that got in a long time ago. And WFG Corp. And the companies who make the bogus overpriced policies.

We need a 12-step program for WFGers. Maybe for everybody who does multilevel marketing. I never did other MLMs. But what I hear about Herbalife, Nu Skin, Amway, whatever its all the same MO. Keep people st*pid and believing. Keep pumping them up. Wrap them up tight into your group. Make them buy your junk. Most of all make them recruit like ***. Its all about locking them in.

We have AA and Gamblers Anonymous. We need MLMers Anonymous. I’m sure glad now, but I had a real hard time getting out of WFG. A support group woulda really helped me. I’m not the only one. I know theres lots of WFG agents who go through the bullsh*t I did. Who want to get out but dont know how.

HughHumph wrote the review because of bad quality at World Financial Group and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants World Financial Group to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was cult-like, untrained agents and misleading sales tactics. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by World Financial Group world financial group work experience for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Here is the thing even if WFG is not legit, your license is, so why not take it to another agency you are more comfortable dealing with?

to Denal112 #1385727

Because of the non-competes you locked yourself in to when you signed the WFG AMA, some lasting up to two years.You can read those on pdf page 13 of the AMA PDF under the section misleadingly titled "GLOSSARY AND EXPLANATION OF TERMS." E.g.:


Customer Non-Replacement.

Absent the issue of the then current suitability of the product for the Customer, the Associate covenants that he/she will not, at any time during the term of this Agreement, and for a period of two (2) years thereafter, directly or indirectly, individually or in concert with another, induce or attempt to induce any Customer to terminate, reduce coverage under or replace any of the Products and Services which have been sold by the Associate or his/her Downline Associates..."

WFG agent folks, please carefully read your AMA contracts.Thanks for asking and for reading.

New York, New York, United States #1241719

My friend stay broke. You obviously like working from someone else. Stay in the A group, at least you will not be lonely.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1241817

Hey NY Anon.Terrific job utterly FAILING to address any of the many excellent points the reviewer made.

Instead you slap up the usual snide and meaningless WFG Playbook drivel.

We expect no less--and no more--from WFG agent rep-licants.Looks to me like he left WFG because he got sick of being one of the 99.2% staying broke to fill the pockets of Xuan Nguyen, Ed Mylett, Penney Ooi and the few hundred others who sit atop the pyramid.

to William3 #1377410

Beings ,that cheat ,lie,take people's trust ,and think it's ok are piles of lazy *** ***,,, they need to get their lazy lying *** out and work honestly for a right way to live , there is a saying every job is a self portrait of the person who does it autograph your work with excellence. Not Karma because karma is a b**** you take people and Karma will take you be honest and live true

Oxnard, California, United States #1203905

Seems like your business failed because you were a liar.People can smell a liar...

one day you might make it but only if you can manage to not lie.

oh and get facts over opinions.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1204135

Yes Oxnard Anon.Like you give us any facts about WFG.


Anon, please keep on being a senile Don Quixote tilting at windmills. Please keep sniffing out those liars OK Anon? Don’t let us get in the way of your little fantasies.

Meanwhile, sensible folks will spare themselves untold amounts of time, money, anguish, and loss of friendships and family ties by avoiding WFG like the PLAGUE.

WFG is a terrible exploitative MLM that harms all newcomers who stray into its path.Full stop.

Chula Vista, California, United States #1196967

Hi my sisters boyfriend got her into this and they've been doing this for almost two years.I know it's holding her back and they've even tried to sell me life insurance.

I don't really know what to do at this point, and it's frustrating to see if she'll ever get out.Was there a particular event that made you realize that wfg was a waste of time?

Mountain View, California, United States #1195415

WFG is affiliated with 400 of the biggest names in finance.Do you really think companies that have been have around for years who are on the Fortune 500 would be affiliated with them if WFG Is a scam?

Are people really this ignorant?

You mentioned that Transamerica/WFG is a "pyramid scheme". Actually pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States. If there is a reference like this on the Internet, the state can press charges as it is a felony offense to make that claim.

Please make sure you are referencing legitimate financial or government websites when doing research regarding WFG (World Financial Group), Transamerica, or Aegon as these will provide an accurate picture of the companies, their reputations, and their financials.

I am a happy client with them and have had my policies & annuities with them for years.

I am reporting this site and will have charges pressed for misrepresenting a company that has kept me retired for years.

to Anonymous Panorama City, California, United States #1195461

What are the chances that there would be separate "anonymous" comments from an agent AND a client from the SAME city around the SAME time on this post (and several other recent ones)? If you want to appear as if you are different people commenting, at least remove your location.

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