Hello everyone, I believe people should just wake up, no one makes you sign anything unless you want too, this company offers an opportunity for a business they show you what they have, World Financial Group is legislated through the Government, the courses are governed through the governments, they are Financial Brokers, they provide a service free of charge for the Education, this is not a get rich quick sceam you actually must work to get this business going. If you don't work you don't make money!!!

and having a back ground check is a good thing. Thanks

Location: Calgary, Alberta

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Thank you!!


Blame the unethical individuals, not the company.

Ethics is a main topic in the new LLQP license exam now.


You think WFG is so great? Well, let me do you favor.

I am going to let you have this wonderful opportunity all to yourself!!!!

I'll be the person driving by you, on my way to a real job. But don't you worry about that, you just keep on doing what you do.


Alright. Have fun making small wages, becoming financially insecure, and/or being a boss's slave for your entire life until retirement.


If an individual is calling someone after they say "no" even once, I agree that is unprofessional conduct, and you are right to complain about it.

I would get the number of that person's marketing director and complain, and if that doesn't work, go up the chain.


World Financial Group is a legitimate network-marketing business for financial products. Some people don't like network marketing, but that is a matter of personal taste - it does NOT make it s "SCAM" or a "PYRAMID."

As with any large business, there are individuals in it who can temporarily get away with being unscrupulous or unprofessional, but they are usually punished eventually by the law and terminated from the company.

As with any business, you have to work at it. It is not a get-rich quick scheme.


It reduces the integrity of the business. I've seen what the business does.

They train you to be a "financial advisor" but really are a one-trick pony IUL who doesn't know suitability or whats really best for the client. I am currently a WFG licensed agent, but I don't know *** about any other product besides IUL and term w/LB. Until a real professional showed me the fees and other alternatives. The WSB leadership knows that thereare better products out there but only want you to know the product that earns more money in their pockets, higher commission, and quicker to fool other gullible, impulsive, and inexperienced prospects.

This erodes the integrity of financial industry and its agents. You become *** under this company. Under WSB You become unknowingly a small brain shark in a suit selling a product that's not best for the client but more commission for yourself and your leadership.

That makes it a 'scam'. If you don't wake up, have fun wallowing in your dirty money you one-trick "financial advisor" ***.


It's just you who can see the opportunity of it.. you should ask yourself why do they have to call you over and over?

its because they can tell that you dont have a bright future if you keep doing what you are doing!plese look at what you said 10 years later.. im pretty sure that you will be regretful!


They keep calling us and we want nothing to do with them. Why don't they just leave us alone????? If they're such a great company why don't they respect the wishes of the public they are harassing?

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