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This website gives information on what has been happening at World Financial Group.

Explain your story with World Financial Group. Be Specific. Recruit or client.

What ever happened to the Denny's waitress superstar that was making all that money? Why did the Securities and Exchange Commission take action against agents of World Financial Group? Why was World Financial Group shut down for a month in the state of Utah? Were you an "unpaid intern" working at World Financial Group?

Location: Carlsbad, California

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Better question Susan is: why are you wasting our time posting your nonsense?


hey guys, let me know your ages. I bet you are all under 30, don't make much money, and love to blame others for your failures!

It is much better to just GO TO WORK, HELP OTHERS, and be the change you want to see in the world.

STOP COMPLAINING!, Just go to work! And PLEASE be mature and don't respond to this, just grow up.


Just made another large profit in the stockmarket. I know!!!

I'll get investment advice from the janitor who cleans the toliet and belongs to World Financial Group at my firm. I wonder if he is legally here in the country???


WFG works off the financial misery some people, including myself, have put our selves into. WFG lures people in like a cult promising financial freedom and an escape to a new life as long as it's controlled by them.

They are selling B.S. investments that make little to no money.

Anyone who comes to your house and gives you investment advice is a loser. Unfortunately, it could be a loved one sucked into this cult. I lost about $500.00 with this crapy investment savings account they toated.

I would have been better off putting the money into a savings account. Learning my lesson the hard way I'm so glad I wised up, left and cancelled all of my insurance business with them. I still have my insurance license but will let it lapse out of shame. I could never apply for an insurance gig and have to admit I was part of this sham.

Part of their concept is to get you involved by purchasing an insurance policy, than you sell the same policy type to another, earning a commision. Get them involved in the business then they do the same thing.

It's such a pyramid scam!! This makes Madoff look like a kitten.


Most WFG reps CANNOT balance a check book or understand basic finances. And they are asking you to do your financial planning.

Most DO NOT understand the products that they are peddling and are limited to several products and companies they represent.

Therefore, you are getting only the product that pays themselves the most commissions. I wouldn't trust them to clean my toilet!!!!

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