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What ever happened to the Denny's waitress superstar that was making all that money? Why did the Securities and Exchange Commission take action against agents of World Financial Group? Why was World Financial Group shut down for a month in the state of Utah? Were you an "unpaid intern" working at World Financial Group?

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I was invited to attend a WFG seminar by a friend. The meeting started with an explanation of savings options available to investors and went on to describe the advantages of Universal Life over others in a misleading way.

As a fully accredited financial advisor the comparison of registered savings to non-registered savings as equivalent with no mention of the fact that registered savings have not yet been taxed . . . so $100000 in registered savings is equal to $100000 in earnings while $100000 in after tax non-reg savings would have required earnings of $150,000 or more .

. . then the UL pitch which of course omits the hidden fees associated with this investment/insurance bundled product. Of course anyone who doesn't have a clue believes every word and is then encouraged to start selling their friends this misleading savings model.

Forget UL, buy term and invest the rest SEPERATELY and come out thousands of dollars ahead without compounding of excessive UL fees. And buy from someone who IS qualified to advise you and actually knows what they are talking about.


"buy term and invest the rest"...you must be fully accredited through Primerica.





World Financial Group (WFG)is not for everyone. If it destroyed anyone and their family it's because one let it.

Everyone in World Financial Group is so very passionate about the business and want people to succeed. They want people to succeed but they will only push you only as far as you let them, so that no one says it doesn't work. With any good franchise business it does take time effort and capital. With WFG the capital comes no where near a franchise business.

I have been with the company a year and a half and made more than I have spent. If one does not succeed in WFG trust me it is not the company itself. The company pays what it says and the products deliver what it says I have witnessed many times. If it doesn't work for you don't blame the company just bow out gracefully and move on for it may not be for you so don't destroy another persons hopes to success because it could be the business that may deliver for them, like myself I did not listen to the nay sayers and tried for myself and I am doing very well in WFG and I am greatful I don't have to work apart time job at K-Mart any longer.

My monthly income part time now equals my full time job income. So it is up to the individual not the company.

There are bad apples out there like with any business but it is up to you to find the right apples to get with. I wish much success to anyone willing to make an effort to do something different.


Can you talk about the legimity of your product instead of saying than you are sooooo good for family and the same *** than all the reps are still repeating. All the finance expert disapprove the UL insurance of course big company will still sell it they make money.

Why are you selling only garbage products from the big company


rod, nobody is going to trust the dumb *** who takes the easy route in replacing words with letters that sound similar.


Stay AWAY from World Financial Group! They destroyed my loving marriage of 13 years because of greed. My partner started with them and changed dramatically months into it. The change was as a result of mind controlling techniques that they use on all recruits and associates to get them to "open their mind" to then do what is told of them. Its almost cult like- not quite - but not far off! No joke!

They eventually keep you so busy you don't have time for your 4 children and wife. Thats the plan. Keep the associates busy with meetings, schedules and deadlines. Wear them down which makes them more susceptible to influences.

My partner harassed me to join for over 2 years. I finally went to a meeting and was creeped out by what's called "love bombing". Basically is pretend new instant friends for your support at your finger tips 24-7.

He was not making money and I could not keep us a float with my salary while he became more greedy and was told he would eventually make money. We lost both of our homes, all of our savings, friends most of our family even my MF car was taken away.

Above all the marriage did not survive and I also lost my best friend.


This is happening to me right now. I can't get my husband to see, he has been doing this for 5 years and has made next to nothing.

He blames me for not "supporting" him. I couldn't support him any more than I do, financially and emotionally. He is never home, he misses our sons baseball games school events, everything. But this company is so called a family company.

They have told me if it is going to cause marriage problems they will make him quit. I have expressed this many times to them, yet they just push him harder, they don't get rid of him. I am at my wits end, ready to call it quits. I don't know where to go from here I am so lost.

I too am losing my best friend.

My heart is breaking and so is my health due to the stress it is causing me.


this is not a company for everyone , but i have been in wfg for 4 months and i am enjoying the free training and financial education. if u ever listen to any of the top motivators in the world(rich dad poor dad) , they tell u to open your mind and look for a job that u will, enjoy and learn from.

if u aren't willing to invest a little time in bettering yourself , if u believe your j.o.b. has ur best interest in mind ever ur to dumb to accept the help no matter the name of the company! if you want to know how $ works go to 1 meeting, if u didnt learn something, for free, your not paying attention or trying to better ur life and those around u.

who dosent want to get paid while on a paid vacation in hawaii. come see me if u do, el segudo, CA


World Financial Group has been the greatest opportunity I have ever had. Due to the economy, I was forced to shut down the doors of my business that has been open for 12 years.

It was a big disappointment but when I was introduced to WFG soon after, I felt like there is hope again. What did not work for you does not mean it cannot work for others. After seeing all the negativity online, I was hesitant at first but then I began to do my proper research. You cannot base everything on the opinion of others who failed at the business.

Instead, you must get to the true source such as the people who regulate the industry and the government. What I have found is that this company has great credibility and if they didn't, how could AEGON be worth $465 billion? they are also on FORBES GLOBAL 500 and ranked #103. since you people like to google so much, why dont you google that instead of listening to these close-minded people.

if you were to walk into State Farm, Prudential, or any financial company and say "HI, I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, NO DEGREE IN FINANCE, AND I'D LIKE TO MAKE MY OWN SCHEDULE" -- they will laugh their heads off at you. in WFG, that is exactly what you can do - someone with no experience and no degree in finance can be fully trained ON THEIR OWN TIME. if thats not called a great opportunity, then i dont know what is. during my first month of becoming licensed, i made $1,500 part-time.

that might not seem much to others but that $1,500 helped me pay my mortgage when my business shut down. second month i made $2,500, third month $4,000, fourth month $5,000, and from then on i have not made less than $6,000 a month and i have been in the business less than a year. tell me where else can you make that kind of money entry level and not have any experience? i did not believe in recruiting at first but once i realized how great this experience was for me, i wanted to share it with others and then recruiting became easy.

for those who thought it was a scam, all i had to do was show them my paycheck stubs. if you are considering being a part of WFG, you must try it out yourself to know how far it can take you. it is said that each year, every person passes up on at least 1 great opportunity.

DO NOT LET THIS ONE PASS YOU BY. see you at the top


Thanks...no experience,no degree in anything and you like to work the less you can with your schedule equals WFG wants you....you are what they need,but the clients get something scary and are gambling there future away with inexperienced agents!!


WFG is a brokerage. they represent over 25 different companies including Prudential, Pacific Life, Western Reserve Life, Nationwide, ING, John Hancock, Hartford Life, Lincoln Benefit, and many more. If those arent what you call "large insurance companies" then i dont know what planet you're from.


There are good people at WFG, but in general they tend to be quite uneducated and are biased to sell only Transamerica life insurance. The problem is their training is inadequate, and they have a general lack of quality control because they hire anybody.

Literally. Needless to say, this is a formula for disaster.

If you want real training, you have to either work with a large insurance company, but the problem there is that your commissions will also be quite limited and the fees are exhorbitant. Best situation is to find a brokerage who's willing to take you in.



Sure trust the government and forget about public opinions because the goverment NEVER lies to us.



WFG works off the financial misery some people, including myself, have put ourselves into. WFG lures people in like a cult promising financial freedom and an escape to a new life as long as it's controlled by them.

They are selling B.S. investments that make little to no money.

Anyone who comes to your house and gives you investment advice is a loser. Unfortunately, it could be a loved one sucked into this cult.

I lost about $500.00 with this crapy investment savings account they toated. I would have been better off putting the money into a savings account. Learning my lesson the hard way I'm so glad I wised up, left and cancelled all of my insurance business with them. I still have my insurance license but will let it lapse out of shame.

I could never apply for an insurance gig and have to admit I was part of this sham. Part of their concept is to get you involved by purchasing an insurance policy, than you sell the same policy type to another, earning a commision. Get them involved in the business then they do the same thing.

It's such a pyramid scam!! This makes Madoff look like a kitten.


Susan - Stop copying and pasting the same comment on each complaint page. You are no better since you are here doing the same thing (searching these sites rather then getting a life).

Everyone has the right to their opinions and personally I would like to hear them (both sides). I have been approached 3 times to join WFG and only one of those people are still in it. Doing well but the other two are not.

Some people are cut out for sales and others aren't. That's not a crime. What is a crime is a hungry friend/family member/colleague coming up to a person they know very well is not a "sales type person" and taking to them about joining. Money is hard for people, everyone wants to make more. But if you are tight on money, spend $700 to get insured, and then end up where you started it sucks. The person that came up to you probably could have prevented it in the first place.


Check out manitoba securities commission. Theyr'e going to get whacked!


This company has always treated me well for over 15 years and I personally have over 600 clients. Please remember that most of the people who post negative comments are disgruntled about their lives and are attracting negativity.

If you know anything about AEGON and the only real places to find out about anyone is the government sites, NOT public opinion, then you are intelligent.

Also, why are you wasting your time looking at this? What have YOU done TODAY to improve YOUR life, YOUR family, and YOUR associates?


you are yourself losing your time on this forum get a real job poor.

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