Where do you receive training where the executive does not do what he is asked to do. And you are the trainee?

And says sorry your son said change it. Ombudsman also says ah too bad why did you not have an expensive lawyer to help? So they can and will not help. Hey company got all your money why should they help.

So what you if you are suffering the company took money you suffer mental and emotional anguish financial ruin and after paying tens of thousands the recruiter trainer Daniel Fehr-Krahn of Winnipeg branch of WFG or World Financial official branch on McDermot says sorry. Well sorry does not pay the over 30000$ in debts or over 50000$ of repairs to the farm.

Nor does it mend the family rift that now exists in my deceased husbands memory. What happened is a travesty and an abomination of what many place their faith in.

Location: Airdrie, Alberta

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