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Why would you trust someone without a federal securities license with your investment? Also with Universal Life policies, if the insured dies prior to retirement the beneficiary will not collect the cash value nor the total contribution amount.

They'd be lucky to collect the death benefit if the event leading to peril is excluded from the policy. The insurance company will look for any and every reason not to pay out.

Are you really willing to take the risk of investing with a company that is just going to rob you and your loved ones what you've worked so hard for? I strongly encourage anyone with a Universal Life policy to think twice.

Review about: Transamerica Universal Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You are referring to different things here.

But yes I haven’t ran into a scenario where I would sell a Universal life policy. I guess it’d be to get hem out of a whole life policy which sucks worse but if they couldn’t qualify for anything better.

Also it’s incorrect that you can’t take receive the benefits before retirement age.

The only way I could imagine hat happening if somebody somehow really messed up in setting it up.

Being one of the Promary features of Life Insurance products.

The Universal Life (UL) and the Whole Life (WL) are not great products and as a whole WFG has basically stopped recommending them as soon as better products came out.

They are out dated since the IUL and the VUL were created for the consumer. In the IUL or VUL.

The client can receive both the cash value and death benefit upon death tax free. Also the client has access to his cash value tax free any time aswell with no penalties.


I can't warn people enough against disastrous Universal Life (UL) policies.

The latest rev of UL--the Indexed UL (IUL)--has been for sale for over 20 years. WFG sells a slo-mo train wreck of an IUL called Transamerica FFIUL.

Try finding even *one* IUL that's over a decade old.

Good luck with that! They've all collapsed, destroying all your money.

No joke! Don't buy *any* IUL ever!


Correction: If the event leading to peril is excluded from any policy, the insurance will NOT pay out

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