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I agreed to meet 2 recruiters (husband and wife duo) in Encino CA for Trans America just before NYE and am really ticked!! Not only do they call to recruit you stating that you can make all kinds of money but the course fee they charge you for is non refundable after 48 hours.

After 48 hours they claim it is non refundable!! Good way to make money off people who won't be working for you!! *** bags!!! I was told my course fee of $120 would be reimbursed by the recruiter.

The first day I went, I was told by the recruiters that I had to knock on doors, cold call, and bother your family members to get business and if you were to get that business, the people you then recruit (on your own) become the business of the recruiters who recruited you. For example, the husband and wife duo who claimed I would be "sooo" successful wanted me to get business so they could get a piece of the pie!! LOL Sorry, I am not in the market to make some strangers rich when i can find my own success. If you cold call, they set you up on careerbuilder.com to contact anyone that looks good on paper but what they don't tell you is that, there are 50 other recruiters calling that same person.

Family members don't want to be bothered and I sure as *** won't be bothering any friends or family members! I was immediately turned off but knew 1 day too late and my that time I had already paid for the course that I wasn't going to get back! Yes, this is a scam! And stay FAR, FAR away!!!

Their tactic is "you can't get rich working for corporate or an employer" but they fail to tell you, you actually have to "solicit" the business and you don't get much of that business if you are successful soliciting because it goes in the pocket of the recruiter who recruited you. In my opinion, I can get rich working for any employer who pays me the work I put in and not have to "share" it with any recruiters. My advise is before falling into the trap I did and realized, make sure you do your research before having anyone *** you into being a partner.

You can definitely get rich starting any business if you put the work into it, it's just not going to be selling life insurance policies. Douchebags!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Refund policy, Agents often have little to no credentials, Vague in the beginning.

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Congrats...even thow you were 1 day to late at least you learned WFG is a scxx and you didn't waste 3-4 years making a measly 2272$/year..average commission that a recruits-agent at wfg makes.Most that start with this business are cought in the rah rah meetings and everybody makes millions because they say they do..but nobody shows you proof of income!!

to Anonymous Durham, North Carolina, United States #1277001

Everyone has an opinion about everyone's business, especially when they have never produced or started any business of theirs. Your mindset is what makes you a loser.

Negative mind attracts negative attitude. Pyramid or no pyramid, WFG is the number one financial services entity in the world. Think about Uber (largest Cab company with no single Cab to their name), Airbnb (Largest Real Estate company with no single home to their name). Grow up and smell the new age world.

Keep feeling sorry for yourself. Sigh !!! you will get rich working 9-5. Dream...



to Annoynmous Berkeley, California, United States #1277184

Durham Anon, thanks for these "Alt-Facts" from your not-so-parallel universe. Your claim that your sleazy little MLM company is "...the the number one financial services entity in the world..." is absolute bull*hit.

Where is WFG it on this list? Right. NOWHERE:

en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/List_of_largest_financial_services_companies_by_revenue

Durham Anon, if you're willing to tell such stoo-pid and easily debunkable lies, why should we listen to a single word you say?

Just wondering. Thanks in advance to answer us.

to Annoynmous San Francisco, California, United States #1277328

Exactly when was WFG the largest financial entity in the world? Is this an “ALTERNATIVE FACT” as spouted by your WFG executives and SMD?

As of the beginning of 2017, the top 10 largest financial groups in the world are in:

10. BNP Paribas

9. The Bank of New York Mellon

8. Rabobank


Standard Chartered Bank 6. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 5. Banco Santander 4. Black stone 3.

Goldman Sachs 2. Credit Suisse 1.

JP Morgan Chase Even under Wikipedia…their list of the top 80+ financial companies doesn’t have WFG on the list either. Clearly you know how to troll the internet, please verify your information before putting them down in writing.

to Carol San Francisco, California, United States #1277427

Correction. You never said WFG was the top or largest...you said it was the "number one financial services entity in the world". My statements above still stands.

to Annoynmous #1278312

I'm NOT a loser..mr anon..you're so proud of yourself you post with your proof of income and your business name,address and phone # but I guess your pockets are soo full you don't want people to contact you...lol..... as usual just empty words...my dear I made 1.25 million cleaning the ditches in the last 3 months just in empty beer cans and bottles..that's my business...yep bet you can't beat my income and I don't need to scxx family and friends with a ffiul....now go spew your unicorn POOOO somewhere else! PS..In case you didn't notice i'm joking about my income like any wfg agent is because we all know 99.5% OFFICIAL WFG NUMBERS that they make 2272$/year/// yep that's success..10k short of the poverty line!

to john43 Berkeley, California, United States #1278326

Hi John, comrade-in-keyboard :-) Is PC putting more of your comments into moderation? The last two I posted had no links, yet they went to mod anyway.

One's been in 3+ days and it's still not showing. --William

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