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WFG is a complete joke.I myself have now as of yesterday been targeted to be recruited twice now.

Both experiences were that of a greedy, uneducated individual with no insurance experience whatsoever (I myself have 6 years experience at a family run insurance brokerage agency) and when both of the individuals were turned down by me, the conversation would take a completely hostile turn. Another experience is one of a close friend of mine who got screwed by Transamerica. They brainwashed this 20 year old by saying, "Hey! Here's a trip to Hawaii all inclusive on the company because we love you SO much; join our team now and us on this TEAM trip, we'll work later." Come the week of, my friend was told he would have to pay in full for the entire trip because he was unable to meet his recruiting quota during his 1st week and this is after he paid for his own background check and other fees to be apart of this so called "team" - This was last year.

Fast forward to yesterday, I was reached out via Facebook of all places by a girl who was not my friend and had 3 mutual friends with me on Facebook - She poached 1 of those friends' contact lists without asking and approached me.Please see the 2 images for the COMPLETE conversation that started via Facebook chat then moved to LinkedIn because she blocked me.

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with World Financial Group and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about job offer from World Financial Group was bad scammer, cult-like mentality and misleading sales tactics Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Haha I know that girl.I used to be a part of wfg in Pomona and it was the worst mistake in my life !

They brainwashed everyone there! There was this guy that was a physical therapist full time that quit that job just to do full time I'm wfg and he FREAKEN sucks at wfg!

They brainwashed him so bad that he believed he could make more money in wfg but I highly doubt that will happen.Lol those were the dark days now wfg


where's the second image? can't see it and want to read it


Lol.Thx for the post.

What makes these low and no education qualified to give me financial advice?

You are too smart to fall for these low lives.Glad you didn't fall for it.


Good luck with your "Family run insurance brokerage agency", what the name & address of your business?

So, you find independent licensed agents are your competition. so you decide to post comment & screen shot of your social media posting to take out competition. Brilliant.


Hahaha *** as *** weak employee, that's why you won't be wealthy, and us as business owners love employee mentality people, they work hard for us :D


screw GFG !!

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