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It is horrible cause since after I filed a complaint I was sent a message giving 15 days to get the License that I have obtained since 02/21/2020 and passing since October 2019. I submitted the license to WFG and received a reply.

Why I was terminated I don't know. Below is the reply received


This is an automated response to confirm that we have successfully received your email.

To check the status of your appointment log on to MyWFG.com >;;;; Menu > Licensing and Appointments > Licensing > Licensing Reports > Licenses & Appointments Report.

All Carrier Appointments are now located in one central location!

Log on to MyWFG.com > Menu > Licensing and Appointments > Appointments > Carrier Appointments

Electronic Appointments will be processed within 72 hours while Paper Appointments will be processed within 7 business days.

Helpful hints for faster processing paper appointments:

· Put your agent code number in the subject line.

· Send each provider appointment as an individual attachment. Do not scan each page separately.

· Do not combine several companies together.

· Scan license and education certificates separately.

Thank you,

WFGIA Licensing

Thank you for your email submission. Your agent code was not provided and we were not able to process without the agent code number on all correspondence.

Please resubmit to wfglicenseapps@***.com with the attachment included on your resubmit. Always indicate the agent code number in the subject line of your correspondence.

From: Sirkay Olufuwa [mailto:sirkay_sixtyone@***.com]

Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2020 4:12 PM

To: WFG License Appointments

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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