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Notice how almost all customer complaints against WFG agents get denied?

In the review yesterday, How WFGers RIP YOU OFF!, the author talks about looking up WFG agents in Finra’s BrokerCheck.

If you think your WFG agent lied to you and cheated you, you may be forced to *arbitrate* to try to prove it. You don't want arbitration. You don't want to give up your right to a jury trial. Arbitration usually favors the company. Arbitration very often stacks the deck against you. It often denies you justice.

Before you sign or pay anything, demand your WFG agent show your the contract language that spells out how you resolve disputes. If it forces you to arbitrate, that’s bad news for you. If it forces you to *individually* arbitrate--i.e. The contract bars you from joining a class-action suit--that’s even worse news.

It’s very important you know your rights.

Read more about arbitration here at these two links (replace “dots” with periods):

Blogs dot orrick dot com/insurance/2015/05/27/closing-the-courthouse-door-to-insurance-disputes-mandatory-arbitration-clauses-in-insurance-policies-gain-traction/

Www dot nytimes dot com/2015/11/01/business/dealbook/arbitration-everywhere-stacking-the-deck-of-justice dot html

Good luck. Make make sure you do your homework up front. *Before* you sign or pay anything.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Deceptive information, Lose legal rights.

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This WFG business would be good for someone who may suffer from blind trust in a friend. Know this.

A friend would not use you. Nor would they expect you to sign up for something they have very little knowledge or education of. If they cannot offer a truthful answers to you if you bring up any concerns about the policy, pending lawsuits,etc., but merely dismiss them as "you can't believe what's on the internet", then you know you are not dealing with a friend. You are dealing with a person who has borderline morals,therefore incapable of being a friend.

Yes they may have charm and appear sincere, but if they do not acknowledge your feelings or concerns then you are not of value to them. This is why this business or any MLMs are entirely awful.

It breeds and attracts people who can actually use and manipulate others while appearing on the surface to " care". Be most careful.

Pontiac, Michigan, United States #1319957

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau is a scam I also received a letter asking 4

five dollar fee& never got anything it's been 6 months ago.

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