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Transamerica’s Financial Foundation Indexed Universal Life (FFIUL) policy is WFG’s top life insurance product. It’s the fat-commission policy my upline always pushed me to sell.

I worked for WFG and sold many of these FFIUL policies before I learned how little we knew about their dangers. Many of us agents bought them when we first signed up with WFG. We didn’t know then how few guarantees they gave us, the great risks we assumed, and how incredibly expensive these policies could become in our later lives. We passed our ignorance on to our customers and downline recruits.

The good news is that, if you bought the FFIUL, you may be able to take part in a class-action suit against Transamerica and/or AEGON USA and other issuers of Universal Life insurance products. Please go here to learn how you can participate:

Www dot lieffcabraser dot com/consumer/universal-life-insurance/

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein (LCHB) is one of the leading plaintiffs’ firms in the country. It’s likely prepping a class-action suit against the carriers of Universal Life insurance products, which includes that FFIUL. You’ll see that LCHB put Transamerica and AEGON USA on its target list.

Your participation matters! Good luck!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

World Financial Group Cons: Expensive, Few guarantees, Many risks.

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Harry Rollins
Financial Expert

According to the World Financial Group reviews on, the company currently has 2.1 out of 5 stars. The rating presented here is based on the feedback offered by customers in 136 different World Financial Group reviews.

The PissedConsumer statistics also indicate that a majority of reviews are 1-star (87 out of 136 reviews) and 5-star (31 out of 1365 reviews). Customers are not satisfied with a pyramid scheme, dishonesty and lack of product training for new trainees. However, customers like good mentorship and knowledge of the product. You may find more information about the World Financial Group in the 'Top World Financial Group Question: Is WFG a Scam?' article.

You may send your comments regarding the World Financial Group staff and services to the company headquarters: World Financial Group 11315 Johns Creek Parkway, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097-1517 United States.

You may also share your experience with World Financial Group customers as well as the company top management by posting your comments via the company social networks.

All contact information is available on the World Financial Group Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website.


FFIUL are the best ever, shame on U


It’s a scam!


Please help my father died and I was take advantage of I want my money back


Oh boy, I have watched my son in law try and try and try to get going in WFG. He has gone to meetings galore, he has been to the big rah rah convention in Winnipeg.

He is not pulling any income 6 months later. Still courses (modules) and the hope that some how some way he will be set for life following and doing the hard work he has been doing. His family's bank account has been drained, he has borrowed money to try and keep going. So far it has been a family ruin for him and his wife and kids.

I hope he can get out but he is so heavily invested that I fear the worst. Being in pursuit of these lovely blue jackets is heart wrenching to watch. Damn it kid, I will buy you a freaking blue jacket. Sadly, he will be so broke that I will probably end up buying him that jacket.

Take Care every one. Just a post from what I have seen.

@Just me

Unfortunately, this type of business isn't for everyone. I, personally make a 6 figure annual income from doing this.

This is a sales role, there is no question about that. It's not something that everyone can succeed in unfortunately.


That is because you have no ethics, these companies, especially Voya and Transamerica RIP people off in a huge way.


I want to join the class action law suit Please call me at 949-407-9663


I want to join the class action lawsuit. I have my attorney interested in joining legal counsel.

Let's take them down!

They stole my live savings after 23 years of savings! Lock them up!


This is hilarious. Sorry but I disclose any and all fees related to any and all products to my clients.

It's called get better training and learn to do business instead of blaming a company for your mishaps.

Product knowledge is key and you can't sit here and say you were spewing information that wasn't positively conducive for your clients. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others.

@S Mangum

i doubt WFG will lose, there's nothing wrong nor nothing ethically wrong. People with something bad to say either does not fit in with the sales or really did have a bad experience, just like anyone enlisting in the military.

Most of anyone's experience will be dictated by the chain of command, bad leaders = bad experience.

Good Leaders = Good Experience. I just joined in October: Glendale Branch.

@S Mangum

Oh Man U have either got to the point of screwing people so bad that u feel defensive or ur just a pup with rose colour glasses on, either way hun your time will come , take from someone whose been in Insurance for 30 years, and experienced WFG the moment u realize what they are actually doing by screwing u out of commission that you could have gotten from day one from any other MGA is the day you will eat these words. U truly have no idea ... but u carry on learning products cause it will come in handy when ur ready to join and move to another MGA

@S Mangum

I would say you are wrong on this one. The products are very complex and fees are not disclosed.

@S Mangum

If you care as much as when you approach costumers in selling your product, then you would not have mentioned this. You just proved that you cannot be trusted.

As an sales agent of any product, you would want to help/educate your client at that moment and even afterwards selling them the product. Obvious, if your client isn’t gaining but losing, then you aren’t doing much of a help. Any investment, some sort of gain should return? What’s the point in investing?

I know you would want a gain too? Who wants to loose all the money invest into a product?


Just wondering what happened with class action against FFIUL! Did they win or lose?


This is som competitions lies trying to discredit a fantastic company


KC. How you feel etc.

I'm a fee-only financial advisor who sells no financial products--just my expertise. I've reviewed hundreds of permanent life policies, including dozens of IULs.

There's no way you can possibly defend this horrible MLM and its dangerous guaranteed-to-fail products with actual FACTS.

The FACTS--including WFG's own numbers--show WFG is a complete ripoff for everyone except the carriers like Transamerica, WFG Corp, and the 0.5% of agents that sit on the tippy-top of the pyramids.

*Avoid WFG* like the plague!

You're much better off at your J.O.B.

Thanks for reading.


World Financial Group is more of a franchise as agents are typically independent contractors. The individuals who deceive the public should be held liable but does not represent the entire WFG.

I am from the Beverly hills branch and we are still starting up and getting our product knowledge on point. I care about people and would like to start a referral program to send peoplenof similar interest and professions to sharpen our clients skillsets and flaws and enhance their income flow by accepting creditable referrals.

@James Medrano

Does WFG agent "James Medrano" really exist? I can't find him on Google, LinkedIn etc.

Please post a link to show you really exist. Thanks.


What are you talking about? You only said it’s a rip complete ripoff?Explain yourself EXPERTjust because you say it ... it’s so....does not mean it’s soWhat else did not work our for you?Just words but no meat

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