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I just got back from vacation in vancun mexico with my fiance who works with wfg. On the last two nights of my stay at the hotel i was assaulted by two wfg associates.

The first night was at club noir, a dance club in the resort. I was dancing on the floor and a woman affiliated with them put her hands around my throat and shouted racial slurs towards me. I asked her to get her hands off and eventually security at the club broke it up. The very next night in the hallway where they were serving tacos we were all siting around engaging in conversation that was playfull and of a joking nature.

I made a mom joke towards one woman and she leaped out of her seat sunk her nails into my throat and struck me once in the face. Someone came and peeled her of my bloody throat and then i was approached afterwards by a couple more of there associates about how i was in the wrong. I was asked by them if i was a guest and what team i was on in very condesending way with a first and last name drop ( Jonnie so and so from nyc ) and a flash of his vip bracelet to really drive home the deal. Finally someone higher up on the food chain with more experience and poise sent him back to his room.

The next day upon checkout my fiance complained and filed a report with the hotel wich they say they have a investagation on. My fiance also told one of the ceos wife my story before we left. She apoligized and seemed warm and fuzzy on the outside. Im not planning on pressing charges on anyone since there all independent contractors i dont see that going anywhere.

I dont like the fact my fiance is involved with this company. She bought the vacation at a wfg convention and brought me with her only to be assaulted and rushed out the door with a robotic "sorry about that" response to compensate our experience. Seems like there selling her a dream and providing a nightmare! It also seems to be a little ironic that they sell life insurance and then go for your jugular!

What kind of insurance can i get for that??? Oh well, im back home now and made it there safely thank god! Just sitting on my couch now listening to the beattles "money cant buy me love" eating a bowl off top ramen noodle soup before i head back to work building a elementary school for middle class children with hearts of gold.....thats real wealth.

I would never trade it for a mansion and a garage full of cars i cant pronounce. Adios Amigos

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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