I strongly disagree with your statements. You must love working for someone else.

I can honestly say that it has been 4 months so far for me. I was able to pass my class, pass the state exam and get licensed through the state. I also received incredible training from my senior marketing director and other members of the team. You pretend to know what your talking about but what you are saying is completely false!!

You should not be allowed to discredit this profession. To date in 4 months I have learned, I have been trained, I have a license and I have helped over 24 families minimize taxes, lower debt and protect themselves. I worked my way to senior associate and have over 17 business partners who are learning the way I learned and have earned over $8,600.00 in the process. Not bad for being part time in just four months.

I don't get people to join. I look for business partners who have a drive and passion to help others and to put client's interests first. It's not for anyone and its certainly not a get rich quick or golden pill company either. We don't get paid to have people "join".

We qualify, get coded, background and criminal record check, go through schooling, get educated, get licensed, get trained and then help others do the same and continue ongoing training. We are independent entrepreneurs working through a proven system. You need to retract your opinion as you did not even have an open mind to see the potential. You quit and you will never get anywhere in life doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Your looking for a scam, go somewhere else. This is a highly regulated industry and we have state licenses to do what we do. You should come back with an open mind, be coachable, be willing to follow the system, get educated, get licensed.

I am telling you for me and my family it works and it's a life-changer in a very positive way. Thank you WFG!

Product or Service Mentioned: World Financial Group Seminar.

Reason of review: This is an amazing company. Keep an open mind, be coachable and follow the system. You will be so happy! .

World Financial Group Pros: Be coachable, Follow the system desire to help others.

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You say

"We qualify, get coded, background and criminal record check, go through schooling, get educated, get licensed, get trained"

Do you know that nothing you have in this list is worth more than a 1 week course that you qualify as educated and not being a criminal isn't quite something that makes a WFG agent very special..lol

It's like myself...I get up,i drink my coffee,put my coveralls and rubber boots,drive my 1992 half ton truck,comb the ditches and pick up thousands of empty beer cans and sell them at 5cents a pop..i make millions working hard,playing hard..i have a good head on my shoulders...

Now do you know what I do and how special I am?? WFG agents they are a special breed!!


200,000+ new recruits every year?...

An average income of $2272/year...that's before WFG rent, WFG fees, E&O insurance, WFG courses and WFG materials, local WFG weekend events and the yearly WFG Vegas orgy.

Congrats...You hit all the WFG buzz words in this;

helping people, incredible training, criminal check, highly regulated, independent entrepreneurs, it's not a scam, and finally...it's a positive life changer!

Keep drinking the koolaid...But don't quit your day job....


I really appreciate the comments on here. You can tell who took the bull by the horns and made things happen.

I'm not suggesting that the people who had negative experiences are not go getters. However, the real answer is always within.

I'm sorry, but the common denominator with those that seem to criticize WFG, haven't figured out how to make an income.

If you are a person like this, I can only value a statement about what you yourself contributed to not making it. Cause with any sales(That's what this is) I never find value in the one that points fingers, but takes responsibility in recognizing their own contribution.


I will go with WFG OFFICIAL NUMBERS FOR 2015...99.5% OF ALL WFG AGENTS AND RECRUITS only made 2272$/year...YES that means of the 250,000 wfg agents and recruits,248,000 of them made less than 2272$/year so tell me again about who's fault it is not making it? The responsibility is WFG...it's runned like a pyramid scheme needing 200,000 new recruits a year so the top 0.5% can get rich..the one's starting today will stay poor! It's not about not working..the system is made so the one's doing the work at the bottom are working to support the one at the top and staying poor in the process...


Let me shed some light on your “Ode to WFG”. NUMBER ONE: You DO NOT work for yourself.

You are NOT your own boss. You work for WFG. WFG pays you your commission twice a week. IF you were your own boss, you would get paid directly by the insurance companies whose policies you sold.

Instead they pay WFG and YOUR BOSS WFG pays you. Don’t forget that all-important book of business that is property of your employer…WFG. NUMBER TWO: A two-week course to get licensed on a multiple choice exam is not education. Enough said.

NUMBER THREE: You pass WFG’s background check as long as they don’t find a felony. So you can have multiple arrests, restraining orders, and cases settled or dropped. WFG is not picky on who they hire. They just need to make sure there’s no felony…because the felony will prevent the person from being licensed.

NUMBER FOUR: Whether you want to admit it or not…you get paid for bringing people in. You went from Associate to Senior Associate (SA) by bringing someone in.

And moving from Associate to SA your commission went up…so you GOT PAID for bringing someone in! HINT…In order to make that next higher commission base as Marketing Director (MD)…you need to being people in!


Sheeple herd


You strongly disagree with who's statements?? Are you arguing with yourself?? LMAO!

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