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WFGers just love to run on about how "...WFG is owned by Aegon/Transamerica, big Fortune 500 companies...” Like such a big company necessarily anoints WFG and lends it robust legitimacy. How soon we forget Lehman Bros, Arthur Andersen, Bear Stearns...

But guess what guys? That’s most likely wrong! Aegon apparently DOESN'T own WFG after all!

I pored through Aegon's and Transamerica's financial disclosures. They don't say "boo" about WFG. If any of you find that, would you please post links here for us? Thanks.

Then I spoke with a Transamerica rep at 800-Pyramid, Bobbie (sp?) in Florida. She insisted that WFG is “affiliated” with Aegon's Transamerica. But the latter firm doesn’t own it, that WFG is an independent broker-dealer. I asked her this three times, and she insisted this was the case. She claimed to work for (Aegon's) Transamerica for 10 years.

Then I called WFG’s main office in St John’s GA. The min-wage droids there totally stonewalled me. The diction-challenged agents kept telling me “we cain’t speak ‘bout corp’rate mattahs” and kept shoving me off to “Human Resources” who of course never picked up. Which then rolled to the main operator. Who of course never picked up.

On WFG’s voice menu, the company lists “Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc” as though this was a co-company. However, this appears NOT to be an Aegon Transamerica but some other Transamerica company. When I spoke to a TFA Inc in St Pete, he told me that a John Hancock broker, Signator One, just bought Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc! See the release here:

Let’s skip the WFG Wikis and other flaky places and go right to the source. What does WFG’s site say? When you go here:

It says WFG “is a part of the Aegon Group” and that WFG “is a Transamerica Company” Plus you get a Venn-like diagram showing WFG and Transamerica clustered around Aegon.

Hmm. “WFG is a part of the Aegon Group” sure like Aegon owns WFG, right? But nowhere does it actually say “Aegon owns WFG!”

And then we read this on WFG’s site:

makes it clearer: “...Through OUR ALLIANCE with Transamerica, WFG is able to offer…” In other words, Transamerica is merely *allied* with WFG. Transamerica doesn’t necessarily *own* WFG.

Oh the deception!!

What does this mean for WFGers?

It means Aegon can cut ties with your org at any time. No more "Fortune 500 backing."

If the SEC/FTC and the law firms turn up the heat on WFG and close it down, no prob for Aegon/Transamerica. They'll be just fine. They shoulder no liability for WFG.

Then what happens to the teams you worked so hard to build?

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This may be a bit dated for the link but you can refer to the Aegon Annual Report 2018. page 8 "We also operate under several other brands, including: Knab, TKP, Robidus and Nedasco (Netherlands); World Financial Group (US, Canada); Origen Financial Services (UK); Futuready (Indonesia); Transamerica Ventures and Blue Square Re (global).

Quite a few red herrings in the OP.

Point is well taken, size of parent company does not necessarily imply that ownership of subsidiary will remain (take for instance Ivari Insurance formerly Transamerica Canada now owned by Wilton Re which is owned by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. ) That is the nature of corporate ownership.


For all you negative Nellies saying that Aegon doesn't own WFG- I just went to their website if you click on Canada it says they operate the distribution Chanel -WFG but sold the Canadian arm of Transamerica in 2015 the insurance arm As WFG is a distribution platform they are our backers providing all or back office support!


Look on Aegon's own website to see that it operates as Transamerica/WFG in the US:


WFG agents sell products that take advantage of its clients... most of the wfg agents don't even understand what they are selling since there focus is on selling only and NOT educating on how products really work!Most of them only care about the commissions they will make by selling an over priced Life Insurane policy!


This guy clearly failed at life. I'm with WFG and got to personally have drinks at the top of the Transamerica pyramid with the they're regional VP so if that does not give me proof I'm in the right business I don't know what does.

What firm is this guy with?

Probably non. When you spend so much time trying to discredit a major firm make sure you have a better solution.


You make NO sense.

You think " personally have drinks at the top of the Transamerica pyramid with the they're regional VP..." gives you "...proof..." you're in the "...the right business..."?

You fail to address the issue: Does Aegon/Transamerica actually own WFG?

Anon. just because a WFG agent meets someone in the Transamerica building doesn't mean Transamerica owns WFG. Could be the two companies have just a contractual agreement.

There's lots of Trump Towers that Trump never built and doesn't even own. The owners merely paid Trump to be able to slap his name on their buildings.

Who are you anyway? If you're such a big deal, why do you hide behind "Anonymous?"


Read page 32 of the report and relax


Not so fast Anon! Doesn't this actually say Aegon *sold* WFG in 2015??

The only place on page 32 of your link that mentions "World Financial Group" is this:

"...In Canada, Aegon operates an insurance agency under the brand World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc., in addition to an affiliated securities dealer. On July 31, 2015, Aegon completed the sale of its Canadian life insurance and asset management business..."

It doesn't even say anything about Aegon USA!


Some "proof" eh Anon? NOT!!!


I personally called Transamerica on 3/8/2017 and point plank asked them if they own WFG and I was told NO However, they are an apparent that they do underwrite some of the their policies.

So let quite making such slanderous comments about Aegon/Transamerica.

Also, there are agenst selling this with the promise that when you get your first 3 recruits you get a $1500.00 bonus to pay toward your $1500.00 per mouth premiums When asked where does the bonus come from we are told the agent pays the bonus.

Guess what? that is illegal.

They make statements such as your commissions will pay your $1500.00 per month premium. Guess what?

That illegal as well.

This is where I have trouble with how they are getting away with unless the Department of Insurance is not aware of this.

So it all boils down to the scam is coming directly from the agents. period


They are self serving business owners who give you all the koolaid you want to get you hooked with a nice FFIUL with absolutely no guarantees and an average income of 2272$/YEAR in commission.(OFFICIAL WFG NUMBERS FOR 2015).Everybody who works for wfg-wsb make 6 figures..of course there's no proof of it and it's part of the brainwashing scheme..Ask for a tax return from a WFG agent or will not get it...but they will gloat about how rich and successful they are..They should be pittied but they are victimizing family and friends with bad insurance and financial products because they can't even understand the policies..SAD..just sad!!


You should learn how to type your sentences with correct grammar before you try to discredit any financial firm lol


Look who's talking lol. In your other comment higher up, you typed"...with the they're regional VP..." and "...What firm is this guy with?

Probably non..."


Please spare us your snide sanctimony. Thank you.


For purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Use, the terms “the Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our” means Transamerica Corporation and all of its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, including without limitation, Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Advisors Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company and Stonebridge Life Insurance Company, including any separate accounts established for the products they may offer, Transamerica Investors Securities Corporation, Transamerica Retirement Solutions Corporation, and Transamerica Series Trust, Transamerica Capital, Inc., and Transamerica Asset Management, Inc., including the funds for which it serves as Investment Advisor.


Hi, Transamerica cares about their brand, so for any misunderstandings or accusations of fraud, please report to thanks


William3...haha...I think your money's safe!


WFG is the distribution arm of Transamerica. Perhaps you should understand the structure of a business prior to comment.

It is this structure that makes WFG a unique business as it is not held captive to any single product.

Their platform includes all major providers to ensure the best fit for the client.

Seems legit to me. Innovative too!



Yeah Anon, BFD. Curious you left out this "FAQs’" three year old date stamp (10/16/2013).

“Who cares about a few years” you say? Go to the Moodys release Aegon posted on 5 August 2014. It lists Transamerica Financial Advisors under the very same Life and Protection unit WFG allegedly dwells under. Except John Hancock’s broker, Signator One, owns TFA!

Gee, how'd that happen?! Oh and Anon what about TA’s L&P unit anyway? Google “Transamerica Life and Protection” and it takes you to a USTIA site that then links you to Transamerica Affinity Services.

Know what you’re sure about Anon? NOTHING.


I hate to break it to you but Aegon owns transamerica, transamerica owns WFG. We just don't have to sell their products, that's a marketing strategy you ***.

Since we aren't forced to put transamerica down your throat (unlike farmers or state farm or Allstate); Transamerica is forced to compete for my business. Which means they have to make a product that beats nationwide Ing, and all companies partnered with. If they do, that means the product is *** GOOD. I'm a broker so I want to push what has the highest value for the consumer based off their FNA, and I also push for what is MOST AFFORDABLE.

But after reading more reviews from you, it appears you like your own comments and just have a lot of spite. Don't worry William3, WFG and WSB doesn't need you. I don't need you, neither do I care about your negative posts. It's a filter for me.

If someone wants to judge my company based off some random review online (companies pay to have these things removed or MOVED to a later search page) then so be it, they would have been a terrible person to do business with anyways. Neither do they deserve the best financial solutions, education, and products.


Anon, you say “...I hate to break it to you but Aegon owns transamerica, transamerica owns WFG…” Yeah, yeah, blah, blah. Anon, enough with your party-line parrot-talk. Give us PROOF please! Can you or can’t you link us to an official Aegon/Transamerica/WFG filing that clearly states “Aegon owns WFG?” I mean how hard can that be?! Anon, if you can do that, terrific. I’m not holding my breath.

Anon now you say this: “...Since we aren't forced to put transamerica down your throat (unlike farmers or state farm or Allstate); Transamerica is forced to compete for my business…” Oh REALLY Anon? Why don’t we take a stroll over to your MLM’s comp and promo plan. Google “WFG’s Compensation & Promotion Guidelines Squarespace.” That 8-page PDF will pop up for you. Notice on page 5, in the “Compensation Guidelines” chart, where WFG awards more points for “WRL” products? “WRL” = Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio, which merged into--you guessed it!--Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company. But Anon, let’s say you don’t *want* to flog WRL products like Transamerica's FFIUL? No problem right? You can just work harder to sell the other products. But what if your upline doesn’t agree with your renegade approach? Hm. In those same WFG Guidelines in *three* places on page 8, you find this:

Footnote 2: Promotion requires approval of direct upline ***

Footnote 3: Promotion requires approval of direct *** and CEO MD

Footnote 12: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee inclusion in the Base shop Pool.

Anon, if I read this right, this means even if you meet the sales and recruiting requirements your upline can keep you from moving up? If I’m wrong, maybe you'll want to share with us your reasons why. You know. Only if you care to. Anon, next you say: “...I'm a broker so I want to push what has the highest value for the consumer based off their FNA, and I also push for what is MOST AFFORDABLE…” Yeah, right, Anon. So that’s why I see agents push the FFIUL onto poor people working several jobs who pay almost as much that thing as they do for rent? Nah, couldn’t have anything to do with the agent/WFG making super-fat commissions on that Trojan Pig now could it Anon?! Give us a bleeding break here! Anon, if you personally truly serve your client’s best interests, I’m genuinely glad you do. *Many* agents don’t, and WFG makes serious coin on them. Anon, if you think this MLM doesn’t too often turn a blind eye to this abuse, you are disingenuous or truly naive.

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