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Was brought to a meeting where the "open business platform" and "unlimited earning potential" were discussed where I was convinced to join. I later found out that it took $100 for a record check, and then about another $500 for the "materials" needed for startup - as in access to an online account with video tutorials for license test prep and the title "WFG Associate".

After that I learned what it is a "WFG Associate" actually does.

"Bringing Financial Independence"

"Helping Families"?

More like going through every personal contact and reading through [mandatory] scripted conversation to attempt to bring them to one of those meetings that mislead me in the first place and asking them for referrals, and so on...

Oh, and when your pool of potential investigators via telephone runs dry, that's fine, because a "WFG Associate" means you're pressed at every meeting you go to to TALK TO EVERYBODY YOU MEET, and simply misguide them into coming to one of those misleading meetings with you! We were taught to be ambiguous, glossing over important parts of what they were about to undertake so that like me, they pay their $500, become an "associate" and then would they finally be allowed to know the true nature of their job.

I'm going to disambiguate things here: The WFG recruiting process that is the backbone to the company is scandalous, which by association makes WFG quite the clever scam.

Steer clear of WFG if you want to keep your money and your dignity.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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^ $30^ Correction

Sacramento, California, United States #855433

I signed on to do this part time and when I did it was $130 - 100 was for the "back ground check and website, back office, blah blah blah and the $3 was for the 2 online classes that you take. Ok, got through that.

What has thrown me off is the cost to take the licensing exam (another $40) and anoth $50-$60 for my fingerprints, for LifeScan in order to do my background check -WTF. I am on a limited income and was hoping to earn some extra $ but it seems that I was mislead because during my "interview" I was told "you can do this business for only $130" and i figured, I spend that grocery shopping or going out to dinner (as a treat for myself and my family) that I can recoup that once I can get this business going...boy, i feel that I literally threw away that money.

By the way, i was supposed to take my licensing exam and decided not to go (AFTER I WAS PUT ON THE SPOT TO PAY FOR THE EXAM WHEN THE APPT WAS BOOKED)..i just wish that the person who signed me up was completely honest with me about how much it cost rather than putting on the spot. I was really hoping that this would supplement my income instead it's sucking out my income, WFG-TFA "you're fired!" -me


Wow, that is crazy. I have been with WFG for almost a year, but I only paid $131.00 including tax and that got me access to everything, back office, my agent code, all the training material, system manual online and all the system and product training at the office, for me the education has been well worth $131.00 and have saved myself more then that in my own finances just in interest alone.

I love being able to assist other now in finding a better lifestyle for themselves and to help them make and keep more of there hard earned money.

Where are you located? Something is not right with that picture. Did you contact head office in regards to any of this? Sounds more like this person is a scammer not the company and should be reported.

This is a highly regulated industry and we don't want or need people like that giving the company a bad name and making money off recruits by collecting $500 for something that is provided to all with the initial agent fee. I have never had my SMD ask me for no $500 and we never ask for cash or handle money from clients or other agents. We are strictly the distributor and guide for clients to help educate and help them build a financial plan that is in line with the clients goals and needs. That is it!

If this happened to you I strongly suggest you contact WFG head office and report this person.

He/she will be stripped of their license and will be unable to do business in this field again, which he/she deserves if they are running there business and team like that. I have a great team, we work and learn together and makes me feel good to share valuable financial information with people that might otherwise not get the opportunity to learn and improve their financial situation and life.

to Voice of Reason San Francisco, California, United States #847485

I am glad that you are speaking up for WFG voice of reasoning! I know others that have been scammed by similar companies and agents! I believe it is not the company that is a scam or misleading but the person that is promoting the product.

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