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Yes Jaswinder Dhillon. WFG offers a Greatly discouraging Experience. And this MLM gives equal opportunity to every warm body to waste his time, squander his savings, and ruin his friendships and family relations in the pursuit of a dream he can attain only by selling his soul to massively rip off people who trust and even love him. The numbers show you are much more likely to rise to the top at your J.O.B. that slaving away as an agent at WFG.... Read more

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Great Experience equal opportunity for every body Read more

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The agent took my mother's investment paperwork to her while she was dying in the hospital and had the beneficiary changed to the agents mothet Read more

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The woman I delt with was a bully. She would make me feel bad anytime I would want to take money out. There was not one time I left her office not crying. It's MY money, I can take it out whenever I want!!! Plus she would lie to me about my investment options in order for me to keep giving them money. Out right lie! My mother also invested all her retirement savings into this company. When she did retire and tried to set up monthly instalments... Read more

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Yes, some of their agents and leaders are very unprofessional. They steal orher agents customers. Misleading and misrepresentation.

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One of the men who trains my wife and has done personal paperwork for her and on her behalf tried to cash a check from my bank account. I was alerted by fraud alert and told this persons name. The police will be in touch, you soon, you *** maggot.! Read more

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Dislike the fact that you have to pay over $130 for a position that they fail to inform you about from the start and that that is money you are not getting back unless you finish a probation period in a unrealistic amount of time and get people to buy "product" from wfg Read more

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After over 5 years of paying $300 a month the amount paid is almost $20,000. The cash surrender value is less than $6,000. Where did all the money go? In the pockets of the sales agent. If you go into the office the office crew will gang up on you and tell you what a good investment it is because they ALL get a piece of the pie. Just remember this is not an investment. Expect that 50% of your premium goes to the... Read more

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HB Anon, for all your righteous high-flown talk about "...Loss of cash value ...never has been deceptive..." isn't it funny how so few people--including most of the WFG agents I’ve worked with--even know that? Funny that eh? Virtually NONE of the client-victims who bought this policy have ANY idea TA just KEEPS their cash value when they die. Our uplines sure didn't urge us to tell them! HB Anon. You just underscore the fact that the FFIUL is... Read more

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Loss of cash value upon death when option 1 has been selected, has always been the case, and is not deceptive. The insured has the option of selecting option 2, which insures the cash value, and includes it in the death benefit. This really boils down to cost control. Any additional face value developed by insuring the cash value will require higher premiums. One can look at the internal costs of term insurance within any policy, and they will... Read more

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