World Financial Group is a Scam

Jan 31, 2011
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World Financial Group is a straight up scam. First they ask you to come to a meeting about a possible job in the insurance industry. Then when you get there you see it is nothing about a job, but rather is a whole bunch of people hopping around and spouting off about how much money they make.

Secondly, you will be asked to make and appointment for an interview for a position with the company. This is not an interview, but really is a bulls*** session where they ask you about your life goals and then try to use those goals to trick you into giving them money.

Thirdly, they will ask you to come back for a training session. When you get to this supposed training session all you hear is more garbage about how much money you COULD make, how you need to pay them money for certification and a background check and fingerprints, and how you need to bring in three to five recruits a week.

This is not a job. This is a scam. Do not give the representatives of this company any money. If you need a job go interview with a company that does not ask you for money, or invest in an education for yourself.

I never once gave this company money. I went to three of their 'meetings' to see what they had to say. Never once did they offer any type of training. Never once. They did, however, ask for money each time.

In the meetings that were supposed to be training sessions they never gave insurance training of any type, no real information. They did love to tout how their affiliation with big name companies like Hartford was real. Good for them, but association with legitimate companies does not make them legitimate or any less of a scam.

The individuals who run these little meetings that are supposed to be training sessions love to repeat how their company is not a scam and is valid because they are in a heavily regulated industry. They love to claim that they have very few, if any, sanctions or fees brought against them for misconduct and misrepresentation.

This is simply not true. Lookup their company record, especially look up their company record under their previously listed company names. You will find many inconsistencies with their claims and find some to be outright lies. Wikipedia has great information on this.

My best advice to you, other than to NEVER give these people money, is to agree to go to some of their meetings. Go. Take notes so you can remember what to look up on the internet later on. Write down the claims that they make and check them out. Look up written opinions and financial reports on this company as you research them.

Be sure to read information that is FOR this company as well. You need to hear the good things people say about WFG. You need to read and hear their success stories and RESEARCH them. This will give you a better picture of how people are brainwashed into this company.

You will find that getting straight answers is extremely difficult. Seriously, go to a couple of their meetings and you will find out. Of course, don't tell them you are simply checking out their scam. Just go and listen. Check out EVERYTHING they say and claim.

They will also talk heavily of how so many people think their company is a scam and how these people are only naysayers who don't want to make money. Listen very carefully to how they speak about people who do not like the company and who try to prove it as a scam. They will give every excuse from people being vindictive and subversive, to people being lazy and not really wanting to make money.

But don't take my word for it. Go. Go to a series of these meetings. Take notes. Do not give them any money. Have a really good laugh at a really good scam.

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Jul 22 Riverside, California

My beautiful gorgeous 19 year old daughter who has a full time job and was in college was "recruited" at her place business.
A child that no longer speaks to her parents for being lazy and ***.
A child that never went without while growing up and had a bright future. With a 700 credit rating.
Now has over extended her credit cards to go to conventions and pay for licensing and now is looking to become an employee. Whom talks down to her employees and her customers because they are different types of people then her WFG counterparts.
Whom no longer speaks to her baby sisters that are in high school because they don't fit the WFG image.
I am appalled by this group.

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Jul 15

Ok, I'm just going to point out a few things this individual said which had me LAUGHING. First of all in your second sentence, he/she stated "about a possible job", STOP, ARE YOU DEAF OR DUMB, clearly WFG is a BUSINESS PLATFORM, if you been to THREE meetings, did your research correctly and still couldn't get that, WOW, you need help. Second "association with legitimate companies does not make them legitimate", WOAH read this to yourself, why would legitimate companies partner up with a shady company to begin with? Who do you take them for? And third "Wikipedia has great information on this." Ok... Wikipedia LOL I'm done. Nothing against Wikipedia but if you're basing a good portion of your facts off that, good luck. And there are so much more I can point out, but I think I made my point clear on how ignorant and uneducated this blogger is.

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Jul 15

And, is any logical, thinking person suppose to believe you, as you sit there, apparently laughing, as you kept saying. Stop it. You look ridiculous. Go away. Go drink some more of the WFG koolaid, you puppet.
The OP may not have worded their posting, according to your liking, but they made their point. You, on the other hand, simply made the point that you are a giggly little girl.

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Jul 10

WFG is not a scam! How can it be a scam if you need to get licensed by the state? They don't ask for money! They will teach you how to save money! We can never say the right words to the wrong people. Maybe you just went there with a closed and negative mind.

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Aug 07 Tempe, Arizona

I wonder if Bernie Madoff had a license hahahaha.
Seriously though, you cant figure out how this is a scam? Most importantly for the consumer?
Factor in inflation and how much is continuously lopped off the so called premium for yours and all the upline fees.
Karma would be if you were crazy enough to fall for their 'tax free bs'

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Aug 09

let's just say it's not a scam but imbellishment.first the legit part is you make a bit of money selling won't get 6 figures out of it if the part that makes you money is where you recruit people that will take your owning a grocery store in a town of 500 and HELPING 3 to start helping them build grocery stores...well 4 grocery stores for 500 ok then those 3 need to get 3 each now you have 13 grocery stores in a town of 500 and then most of those die down(that's the insurance side).now all those people are tired and nobody wants to join your grocery store chain...that's the other part,where everybody makes money.well you've just killed your chances of making money by recruiting 12 other grocery store in your village.Nobody can survive and the only one making money is wfg as they are now everywhere with desperate people trying to recoup there money!

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Jul 03

Why do people so negative and judgemental? WFG is real. They don't ask to give your money or promise to give you money, For God sake ,Work for your money.

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Jun 30

The author of this article is obviously a lazy f*cktard. WFG is real and what the free services they provide is amazing. Nationwide, WRL, HIFE and several other milti-million dollar companies have EXCLUSIVE/Premium plans that are only available through WSB. WSB's production for Nationwide IUL's in 6 months surpasses what their ENTIRE company does in a year. Do you honestly think legitimate companies such as Nationwide is going to support let alone affiliate with a scam company?! DumbA$$

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Jul 03

Your right Krosst, people who wrote that comment is not only liar but a f.....king coward to hide his/her identity.

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Jun 12

I joined WFG a couple weeks ago and I am loving it so far. My mindset is that in-order to make money you have to spend money. Starting your own business costs money and the amount it cost to join and get licensed in WFG is very minimal compared to other businesses. The training I have gone through so far is perfect. Plus I am taking a class to prepare me to take the state exam and be certified to sell insurance. The class is not through WFG but through an accredited school. It is much more than just selling insurance. It is about giving people options towards their future and to be able to retire and live a good life, while helping yourself at the same time. People talk about how much money they make yes they do but they do that anywhere you go. I think some of the people there are a little stuck up while others are genuine and want to help others. There are bad and good people at any company. Yes go to a meeting and see what it is all about. They will talk to you to see if you want to be a client or an associate. Nothing wrong with that. It gives you an option. They do not force you into anything. Pyramid scams are illegal and do you think that companies like Nation Wide, Fidelity, AEG and many more would associate with WFG if thats' what they were? No. They have too much to lose. Again check out a meeting. Talk to different people there. Find someone that you can relate to and you get a good vibe from that you feel would be honest and not try to push you into anything. Sit... Show more

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Jun 02 Inglewood, California

I was in World Financial Group. I was feed the line that I can be "just a referral source." However, my direct would penalize me by letting my prospects fall by the waste side if I didn't follow the system exactly. Moreover, this loser would demand that I take him to HIS appointments and would never offer any money for gas. When I asked him about it he said that it is an "exchange" for being trained and that his time was worth $900 an hr if you calculated it. However he didn't own a car, lived in a shabby neighborhood and always seemed broke (or cheap he expected me to pick up the check).

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Aug 09 San Diego, California

Wow! So many words of BS.
Did you call the police or FBI? If it's a scam they must be arrested & investigated, right?

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May 21

the people who make these negative comments are those who thought they were going to pay 100 dollars and start making thousands without doing any hard work.thats not real life

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Big Boss Man

May 03

Love MLM...!!! Sound like lots of losers posting who do not want to work to make money. JOB(Just Over Broke)...SAD...!!! I know more MLM millionaires than corporate millionaires. Most who pursue corporate jobs are comfortable, safe and/or lazy. Boo Hoo...!!! I do not want to do MLM because I have to recruit, sell, share products/services, use products/services....Boo Hoo...!!! ***, I do that now in my job. Sadly, many of you do that now and don't earn a nickel. I have a favorite restaurant I've recommended to all my friends over the last 15-20 years and all I get out of it is a free meal every so often. If I would have put that much time and lip service into one of these MLM's...maybe I would have made some real money versus helping making the restaurant owner rich. MLM is not for everyone...only for those willing to work hard/smart and rise above the clouds. You can make millions as a stock broker but some folks do not want to make phone calls, keep client appointments. work long hours, wine and dine clients and that is OK...but just because ...does not make every opportunity a being a stock broker is not for you does not make it a scam or scheme. Corporate America, religion, sports, politics and so on are all pyramids...that does not make them inherently bad or a scheme. Wake up people...get off your lazy bums...stop being haters and embrace life's opportunities. Stop waiting for the Dells, Jobs, Wozniaks, Ellisons, Gates, Zuckerbergs and other visionaries... Show more

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Apr 16

I went to one of WFG meeting this week and they really laid it on thick. Talking about all the money they make and all the money I could make.I went to the meeting with associate, she kept telling me so much good stuff about the company and that I should gone.So I went to the class I just didn't get a good feeling about the people I felt like they where blowing up the company and the money they make to much.They tired to get me to sign up that night by paying 100 for background check,I have had background checks before and never have it cost so much.I told them I need to come home and read up about the company the lady said well there are going to be bad and good things said by people.There seems to be more bad than good.And another thing I didn't like is that the place look so empty the lady said that they had just moved in a week ago but when she took me to back there was one office that was laid(look good) that was really odd to me. It look like if you had to leave the office you could leave everything behind. I don't think I will do it because not getting good feeling and to much negative reviews.

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Apr 12

Lol, WFG is like every other pyramid scheme/mlm/triangle of hope, whatever they want to call it. My ex girlfriend joined this company and tried to get me to be a sucker, I was told I had to pay $100 for a background check, background checks run $40-50 bucks a pop. So I entertained her idea and gave her $100 for it so they could do my background check. Here's a little background about myself, I am a convicted felon charged with bank larceny, spent 5 1/2 years in federal detention center outside of El Paso Texas. With that being said, surprise, My "background check" was "clear" and good to go as far as starting my part within the company. I laughed it off, just shows that the $100 you spend doesn't even go toward any "background check". Just added fees to the system you pay forward.

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Jul 03

Ha ha ha how I may believe you? You are a felon, a bank larceny and a ex *** lol. My dad who provided us everything's we needed: cars, college education,beautiful house and frequent vacation..........Thanks WFG/TransAmerica!

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Jul 15

You may not be a felon but you are delusional...

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Dec 28, 2013

Thanks to whoever post the above review. I just met with the manager of a friend who recruits me to join this company. At first it sounds so good when my friend told me about how he makes money joining WFG. I said to myself if it sounds this good that means that there is a catch or something illegally wrong done in this organization. Due to my curiosity I came to his office and met with his boss. All I hear is how much money they make every 3 weeks(over $3000). During our entire meeting nothing was mention about how they go about continuing to help their clients after selling their products or services. This is all about making money and benefit them only no matter who get hurts in the process. I would like to have an email exchange and talk with the person who posted this review personally if you don't mind. Please email me at this is my alias email account. If I can identify that this is truly you I will provide you me real email address contact. Hope to talk to you soon.

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Jul 03

Phoenix are you serious to communicate with the felon? Think twice or more he might scam you....... It is true that there are bosses in WFG? Just asking.

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