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    • Knowledge on product 3
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    • Wfg does not have a wfg financial product 2
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    • Dishonesty 10
    • Misleading sales tactics 8
    • Use people for benefit 7

[[** Author’s note: Dear readers, I first posted this very popular review on 30 April on how YOU CAN CHECK your math on your FFIUL policy from Transamerica. On 19 May, the review disappeared without a trace. In its FAQ, PissedConsumer makes clear it removes reviews from its website if it receives a court order to do so. It evidently received such a court order. I rewrote this review, stripping out all potentially defamatory language and other... Read more

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Dishonest, no product knowledge, no work ethics at all, and almost all of them are doing this part-time. All they do is pitches. Doesn't everyone live different lives? So how do they come up with one product fits all?! They've gotten my friends to switch from other companies only learning a couple years later that the product they sold them was going to be gone later leaving them with a huge loss or nothing at all in retirement. They don't care... Read more

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Lie/misrep #1: "WFG works for many successful people. My upline’s a doctor/engineer/[enter respected profession here], who made [enter fabulous sum here] last month!” Lie/misrep #2: "WFG is backed by Aegon Group, a Fortune 500 company." Lie/misrep #3: "We focus on sales, not recruiting. We are not a ‘pyramid scheme’. " Lie/misrep #4: "If WFG’s such as scam, why hasn’t it been shut down?" Lie/misrep #5: “You can make ‘ridiculous’ money with WFG.... Read more

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A man approached my just turned 18 year old daughter, and gave her his card, she was reluctant to call, so she did not. He pursued calling her over the next several months until she finally agreed to meet with dangerous enough...He gives her this spill about not needing a college degree, which is another problem! My daughter has been already registered for college and it is paid for the first year! Then he proceeds to tell her it is... Read more

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Dear WFGers and Wannabes. Your uplines tell you: this biz is hard work. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. People can work a decade moving up to SMD and higher. It takes *years* to build a solid downline. It’s clear you need to take the long view. You need to know: Is WFG here for the long haul? Before you pour time, money, and religious passion into this venture, you owe it to yourself to read this review and do your homework. You could save... Read more

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I have now been approached 3 times, each time by someone who I went to high school with or was a friend of a friend. They ask you to go for coffee or a beer. About 5 minutes in to their chit chat, it hits you, you're being scammed. They start off subtly on their new line of work, and next thing you know you're in a tornado of nonsense, "3% circle into equity over 12% investment power"...ok...ok. Best thing you can do is stand up from the table,... Read more

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IUL (index universal life) - mirrors the S & P Index or Global Index. There is bunch of insurance companies that sell this not only WFG - Transamerica there is also Nationwide through WFG, Accordia, Voya, Kansas Life etc. The money grows up to 12% or 15% Cap depending on the index that will be chosen then there is a floor of zero or 0.75% again depending on the product that you will choose. Unlike VUL (variable universal life) your money does... Read more

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My dear friend invited me to what she called a training. When I got there, I had to go to a room with a director or higher position. I was under the impression that I was going to learn about WFG products, but it turned out to be a recruiting session. Later, I asked my friend to show me how the IUL worked for my daughter. I asked her questions that she was not able to answer, so, instead of sitting down with me, she sent me a brochure, then... Read more

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For you newer licensed reps who have done your research and decided that doing the right thing for your clients was more important than your own success, here's a good exit strategy for you. 1) Take your license to a different company and resign from WFG. This way, the policies under your name get rolled up to your upline. 2) Then, go visit your family and friends and admit that you made a mistake, but say that you would rather make a small... Read more

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I've been a member of WFG now for seven months and just got my life and securities license about two months back. The moment I became licensed I had a check of about 9,000 waiting for me and made over 20 thousand since. I love doing what I do, it comes natural to me. All I do is invite someone to check out our class on mutual funds, or annuities maybe the cash flow and debt role up class. These classes are free to attend and at least give you a... Read more

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