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World Financial Group - Gotta Feel SORRY for WFG Agents
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WFG agents trick and cheat you. Then they recruit you and teach you how to trick and cheat other people. Seriously guys. Thats how it goes there. Why do I feel sorry for WFG agents? Most of these guys and gals dont know it, but they seriously need HELP. By the time they know they fell into a big hole its too late. Theyre too far into WFG and can’t get out. These guys need support. As much as they need people like us to blast them for the lies... Read more

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I had a job interview with them last week from a posting for an executive interviewer on I've been out of work for awhile and went to the interview to find out about the company. They really intrigued me by showing how much money I could potentially make. After a follow-up interviewer the next day I was offered a job. A couple of things that concerned me were paying for the training which would be $100 and then another $50... Read more

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Hello site visitors. I can guess you probably came here for many different reasons. Most come here to look up reviews on WFG and whether they should join it or not, or if they or a family member have been hoodwinked and would like information on what to do as well as read each individual person's takes on this company. Perhaps you might even report a complaint of your own here on this site. But since you're reading this, you probably want a... Read more

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World Financial Group - Review about Ffiul from Oakland, California
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FFIUL AGENT GUIDE SUMMARY OF CHARGES It's me Liquid, I post this not to damage them or to applaud them but just to have an official guide out there. I myself don't do this business, but I find that a lot of people here would like to see this but because they question things aren't given the guide, HERE is the rest. @William3, I might be too lazy to post it on the financial uproar site. Read more

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Not trying to kill your dreams here. I’m trying to -save- you, your families, your friendships, and your money from this endless soul-sucking NIGHTMARE. I worked full-time for WFG in NYC for two years. I burned through through tons of savings chasing the “dream.” Course they told me I failed because “I didn’t work hard enough.” No, no, NOOO! Folks, I “failed” because I couldn’t keep LYING TO and CHEATING my family, my friends and my downline. I... Read more

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Please see attached the chart page from a Transamerica Financial Foundation Indexed Universal Life (FFIUL) policy. A California WFG agent sold this policy to a client earlier this year. Transamerica buries this very important chart deep down in its policy paperwork. This chart's numbers are Cost of Insurance (COI) charges. Carriers also call them Mortality Charges. For Universal Life (UL) policies--like the FFIUL--COI charges are a constant--and... Read more

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I have been with wfg for 4 months. I thought i would have made at least 50K because they say it only takes 1 client a week to make 100k by your self. I don't want to recruit anyone because im nervous about what they will say if they don't like it. Anyways its dang hard to find a client a week when you don't know anybody. Essentially i have to ask everyone who they know to find people who want to save. In four months with the company i have... Read more

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I work as a Financial Advisor in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you bought a product through World Financial Group, it’s urgent you seek a fiduciary to verify that: - you paid and continue to pay a fair price, - you bought a competitive product, - you can reasonably expect your product to perform as illustrated and, - your product does not expose your capital to unreasonable risk. I’m willing, at NO COST, to give you BASIC first-line... Read more

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Hey it's me Liquid. I was given this in response to my "You are a pyramid" accusation. They claimed that "Why would Nationwide slap their name with World Financial Group if they're a pyramid? Here's a video of Peyton Manning endorsing WFG through Nationwide and here's this as proof we aren't a pyramid" Does this make Nationwide part of the scam then? -Liquid Read more

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Hey it's me Liquid, I'll be posting anonymously cause I am in one of their offices, I write my reviews when I'm in Sacramento to fool them. But I received this. I'll let you guys decide about this. These are the MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS CHECKLIST. They are literally forcing membership now cause they're in hopes someone will become an active agent one day. When I get my workbook back I'll post every page... @William3 I can't wait for you or anyone to... Read more

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