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Are you one of the victims that was suckered into buying Transamerica’s FFIUL? WFG pushes it agents to sell it the hardest because it pays such fat commissions. The FFIUL is such a major rip-off I’m amazed the authorities haven’t yet banned it. This policy is a slow-fuse time bomb that blows up late in your life, blasting away your money and Death Benefit, leaving you with *zip* after you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into it. Folks,... Read more

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IUL (index universal life) - mirrors the S & P Index or Global Index. There is bunch of insurance companies that sell this not only WFG - Transamerica there is also Nationwide through WFG, Accordia, Voya, Kansas Life etc. The money grows up to 12% or 15% Cap depending on the index that will be chosen then there is a floor of zero or 0.75% again depending on the product that you will choose. Unlike VUL (variable universal life) your money does... Read more

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My dear friend invited me to what she called a training. When I got there, I had to go to a room with a director or higher position. I was under the impression that I was going to learn about WFG products, but it turned out to be a recruiting session. Later, I asked my friend to show me how the IUL worked for my daughter. I asked her questions that she was not able to answer, so, instead of sitting down with me, she sent me a brochure, then... Read more

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For you newer licensed reps who have done your research and decided that doing the right thing for your clients was more important than your own success, here's a good exit strategy for you. 1) Take your license to a different company and resign from WFG. This way, the policies under your name get rolled up to your upline. 2) Then, go visit your family and friends and admit that you made a mistake, but say that you would rather make a small... Read more

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I've been a member of WFG now for seven months and just got my life and securities license about two months back. The moment I became licensed I had a check of about 9,000 waiting for me and made over 20 thousand since. I love doing what I do, it comes natural to me. All I do is invite someone to check out our class on mutual funds, or annuities maybe the cash flow and debt role up class. These classes are free to attend and at least give you a... Read more

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To start, this will be split up into 3 sections: a bit of backgroud, flags, and personal experience during my time with WFG and my take. __________________________________________ 1) Background I'm 19 now, but 18 when I joined with no money to my name or very little at the time. I have fair knowledge in sales and economics. It's not my first experience in sales either, in fact very comfortable and occasionally helped others with sales... Read more

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World Financial Group - Review in Financial Services category from Folsom, California
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World Financial Group is owned by Transamerica and Transamerica is owned by AEGON. PROOF Read more

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Funny how one meeting can raise up so many red flags. So here's the story; I'm 19 years old. My very good friend who (poor thing) already has a license for this company told me that she put me down as a reference, and if I can speak the good word for her. Absolutely, I say; she is a great person. So i get a call from the recruiter (I've officially associated that word with disgust) and he starts by saying that I'm my friend's reference. Yes I... Read more

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I need of help.. My 20yr old son just signed up with WFG in V.A... Hes paying them 200 a month a life insurance policy. I need to know if this company is scammibg ppl.plz contsct ne on my email at.... Read more

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WFG is the best opportunity I could ever find. High financial education. That's something that you have to experience to understand the benefits. Thanks.. Read more

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