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World Financial Group - Buyer BEWARE!
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Notice how almost all customer complaints against WFG agents get denied? In the review yesterday, How WFGers RIP YOU OFF!, the author talks about looking up WFG agents in Finra’s BrokerCheck. If you think your WFG agent lied to you and cheated you, you may be forced to *arbitrate* to try to prove it. You don't want arbitration. You don't want to give up your right to a jury trial. Arbitration usually favors the company. Arbitration very often... Read more

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World Financial Group - Read This to Learn How WFGers RIP YOU OFF!
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In his “review” last week San Diego Anon oozes about “...a beautiful lifelong career…” It’s “beautiful” all right. IF you love to recruit everybody in sight and personally break pyramid scheme laws, exposing you to prosecution. IF you love to cheat folks them by selling them spendy very high-risk products like Transamerica’s Financial Foundation Indexed Universal Life (FFIUL) policy--leaving you wide open to legal action. The FFIUL is a... Read more

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too bad, you look at it in a negative way. You quit before you even started. If you look at their system and stay long enough, it could have changed your life and financial future, a beautiful lifelong career Read more

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Read the following link about mlm before you join Wfg. The wfg recruiters try to sell you a dream of big money for he rest of your life and they claim all you have to do is follow the system and you will achieve great success. They claim that he people who fail in this business are the ones that did not follow the system. The never tell you that less than 1% are maiking six figures. You will spend hours trying to recruit friends and family to... Read more

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Transamerica’s Financial Foundation Indexed Universal Life (FFIUL) policy is WFG’s top life insurance product. It’s the fat-commission policy my upline always pushed me to sell. I worked for WFG and sold many of these FFIUL policies before I learned how little we knew about their dangers. Many of us agents bought them when we first signed up with WFG. We didn’t know then how few guarantees they gave us, the great risks we assumed, and how... Read more

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We joined WFG in late 2014 and participated actively for about 6 months until we gradually just "died out." Initially, we were invited to a "company orientation" (1), which we later found out is actually what is called a BPM. Honestly, I don't remember much of the presentation, other than it didn't really give any specifics about the company nor what we'd be doing once we entered the "company." But it sure sounded *** good, because it is modeled... Read more

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World Financial Group - Gotta Feel SORRY for WFG Agents
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WFG agents trick and cheat you. Then they recruit you and teach you how to trick and cheat other people. Seriously guys. Thats how it goes there. Why do I feel sorry for WFG agents? Most of these guys and gals dont know it, but they seriously need HELP. By the time they know they fell into a big hole its too late. Theyre too far into WFG and can’t get out. These guys need support. As much as they need people like us to blast them for the lies... Read more

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I had a job interview with them last week from a posting for an executive interviewer on I've been out of work for awhile and went to the interview to find out about the company. They really intrigued me by showing how much money I could potentially make. After a follow-up interviewer the next day I was offered a job. A couple of things that concerned me were paying for the training which would be $100 and then another $50... Read more

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Hello site visitors. I can guess you probably came here for many different reasons. Most come here to look up reviews on WFG and whether they should join it or not, or if they or a family member have been hoodwinked and would like information on what to do as well as read each individual person's takes on this company. Perhaps you might even report a complaint of your own here on this site. But since you're reading this, you probably want a... Read more

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World Financial Group - Review about Ffiul from Oakland, California
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FFIUL AGENT GUIDE SUMMARY OF CHARGES It's me Liquid, I post this not to damage them or to applaud them but just to have an official guide out there. I myself don't do this business, but I find that a lot of people here would like to see this but because they question things aren't given the guide, HERE is the rest. @William3, I might be too lazy to post it on the financial uproar site. Read more

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